KITK’s Tips For Portion Control

KITK’s Tips For Portion Control

As someone who has a past with both restricting & binging, I know how hard it is to have perfectly balanced meals & snacks all the time.

I’ve learned a few things along the way that have really helped me become more aware of my portions & of what my body wants & needs. I think a big part of it is the desire & will to educate myself & to not rely on what everyone else is doing, saying or preaching. When you gain a more profound understanding of how our bodies work & you build your relationship with yourself & your body, things like portion control & your relationship with food in general improve overtime.

Here are some of my tips:

(1) eat out of a plate or a bowl (not a bag or box), sit down to eat, eat slow + enjoy the meal – it’s so easy to get carried away if eating out of the fridge, leaning over the counter or binge-watching Netflix.

(2) portion control is subjective – it’s easy to get caught up in the photos of delicious food on our feed by the people we follow to wonder “how is that enough?”, “how does she manage to eat so much?”, “where’s her protein?”, “how does she have energy?”

What if we stopped wondering about others’ meals & how their bodies feel & focused on what’s on OUR PLATE & how OUR BODY feels… Who says your needs are the same as someone else’s? Nobody knows your body better than YOU. Stop eating in a way you think you “should” and START eating the way that makes you feel best & makes your body thrive, irrespective of what say, think, do or preach.

(3) listen to your body- not everyday is perfectly fine + dandy – there are days I eat less & days I eat more because that’s what my body asks me for in that moment & it’s totally fine! When you listen to your body, things have a way of balancing themselves out..

(4) snack wisely in the day to prevent extreme spurts of hunger that may lead to excessive portions + binging; you don’t have to fall into that cycle as long as you’re mindful about keeping your body nourished consistently.

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(5) use smaller plates – our culture is all about extremes, so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly balance means. When our plates aren’t full, we feel like we have to fill them up, even if we aren’t hungry for that amount of food.

(6) load up on veggies – they add vitamins, antioxidants, minerals + bulk to meals + help fill you up due to fibre content.

(7) meal prep & portion out meals/snacks – this makes it easy to take them on the go & you less inclined to order take-out/unhealthy options

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(8) start with a glass of water – often, hunger is mistaken for thirst

build a relationship with your body where you eat intuitively & if you have a craving, SATISFY IT & move on! In my opinion, that’s the best way to prevent a binge.


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