Soy-101 & A Beautiful Smoked Onion Tempeh Bowl Recipe

Soy-101 & A Beautiful Smoked Onion Tempeh Bowl Recipe

Tonight’s lazy “everything in my fridge” bowl is loaded with avocado, cucumber, tomato, pink radish sprouts, radish, nutritional yeast, Dijon & Aux Vivres smoked onion tempeh.


It depends.

  • Yes, like corn, most soy is genetically modified, BUT NOT ALL OF IT IS.
  • Human studies on soy are limited so a lot of the claims are generalized & some dangers are overstated.
  • Some studies that do exist actually suggest that soy may help lower cholesterol, boost energy due to high protein (PSA: soy is a complete protein almost equivalent in quality to animal protein), prevent certain cancers, increase bone density & protect kidneys.

But, there are distinctions to make nonetheless.

  • I say YES to whole, real soy (miso, tempeh, tofu & edamame). My fave is tempeh. I make sure the products are ORGANIC & GMO-FREE. Aux Vivres is my tempeh of choice because their foods are sustainably sourced & don’t contain GMOs/artificial preservatives.
  • I say NO to processed soy that’s genetically engineered, such as hydrogenated soybean oil (usually processed with hexane, a chemical solvent), hydrolyzed vegetable protein + junk foods that contain soy (soy cheese, ice cream, oil, burgers, cakes, meat alternatives & frozen dinners).

As women, we should consume soy in moderation because it contains isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen. Some animal studies show that consuming LARGE amounts may have harmful effects on fertility & reproductive development (but, many of these studies studied consumption at very high levels + the participants ate processed soy!).

All this to say, my take is that if you choose the right type of soy, consuming it in moderation is fine!

It agrees with my body & is a great way for me to get a good source of complete protein similar to animal protein but in plant-derived form! You gotta do what’s right for you & your body but the only way to truly know if a good agrees with your system is to be adventurous & try it!


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