Fully Organic or Nah? & The Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen 2018

Fully Organic or Nah? & The Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen 2018

Yes, I eat healthy, but no, I don’t eat fully organic.

Contrary to popular belief, the two don’t always go hand in hand. What’s organic isn’t necessarily healthy & vice versa. It’s not so much about the label as it is about the CONTENTS of the foods we consume.

Eating fully organic is a huge luxury & there’s no denying that it’s expensive, so I have to pick & choose my battles.

Most of my produce isn’t organic; whether it is or isn’t, I’m careful about washing/storing to ensure freshness + remove pesticides. If the organic stuff isn’t THAT MUCH pricier or on sale, I’ll get them, especially if they’re part of the  EWG “Dirty Dozen”. Inversely, the ones deemed “Clean 15” are less of a concern for me.

The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen are basically two lists compiled by the Environmental Working Group every year that indicating which fruits & vegetables it’s best to buy organic because they are the most susceptible to pesticide contamination (the DIRTY DOZEN) & the ones that are the least likely to be contaminated with pesticide levels. This list is super helpful when it comes to focusing our attention on avoiding the “riskier” fruits & veggies, especially if we’re on a budget.

Here’s the most recent list:

I invest in organic supplements, vitamins, specialty products (chlorophyll/bee pollen/aloe vera juice/manuka honey), fermented & packaged foods (although I don’t eat much of them), like raw bars, mustards, coconut aminos, vinegars, sauerkraut, baking ingredients, oils, nuts, seeds, snacks, dried fruit, spices, etc.

Most organic packaged foods are GMO & pesticide free, BUT I STILL ALWAYS READ MY LABELS. Don’t be fooled or turn a blind eye to a product simply because it has a gluten-free, vegan, organic or natural label. The food industry is all about making a buck & consumerism; labels are NOT an end all, be all & most packages are misleading.

The only way you know if a product is GOOD FOR YOUR BODY is if the ingredients list is clean & works well with YOUR body.

Moral of the story is that I CAN’T HAVE IT ALL! I pick & choose what to prioritize to fit my lifestyle & budget. I tried doing the “end all, be all”  approach & I drove myself crazy! I realized there’s nothing wrong with working my way up & making swaps now & then to ultimately get to a place where I’m 100% happy with my priorities.

Rome wasn’t built in a day & neither was a 100% organic kitchen! Do what’s right for you RIGHT NOW & know that there’s always room to take it a step further in time!

Let’s bring awareness to listening to our bodies & looking at ingredients in the food we consume. Food is medicine & eating right is a form of self-care. Take care of yourself, whatever that means to you. <3



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