Why Meal Prep Is FOR YOU & YOU & YOU & Inspiration For How You Can Start Slowly Incorporating It Into Your Life

Why Meal Prep Is FOR YOU & YOU & YOU & Inspiration For How You Can Start Slowly Incorporating It Into Your Life

One of the most common things I always hear when I talk about meal prep with others is “meal prep is not for me”.

Well, how about this… if you think it’s something that can add value to your life, MAKE IT FOR YOU.

You’ll never know until you try & meal prep doesn’t have to be this perfectly planned out, complex ritual that you do every week if you don’t want it to be or if that’s not what works best for you.

Meal prep can be simple, fun & should aim to make your life easier in some way! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – it just has to be something!

When you first start, your goal should be to be prepared in some way, not in every way! Little steps mean something & help make a bigger difference every week as they pave the way to cultivating a habit!

Here are some ideas for how you can slowly start to incorporate the idea of PREP into your life:

  • jot down some of the recipes you’re inspired to try this week. then build a grocery list & pick a time to go out & get the groceries; having the food on hand + recipe inspo will help motivate you to cook
  • prep the minimum: a protein, grain/legume, some roasted &/or raw veggies & a healthy dessert bar, cookie or snack
  • plan to meal prep with a friend or family member so you can have fun with it & spend time with loved ones at the same time
  • read about the benefits that meal prep brought to others’ lives to get inspired to try it & see if it’ll do the same for you
  • challenge yourself to create simple recipes that are ready in under 30 minutes &/or use minimal simple ingredients

Moral of the story: Your life is only complicated if you make it complicated. Keep it simple & staying healthy will come to you a lot more naturally!

On my menu this week: raw cookie batter blondies, carrots, cherries, zoodles, steel cut oats, sweet potato mash, oatmeal flax cookies, cashew cream, lentils, homemade jam + almond milk, smoked roasted cauliflower, brown rice salad + washed greens!

If you guys meal prepped this week, feel free to share what you prepared in the comments below! I love to get inspired by your ideas!

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