Why I Prioritize My Mental Stability Over Everything & Why A Shift In Perspective Is Key.

Why I Prioritize My Mental Stability Over Everything & Why A Shift In Perspective Is Key.

Yes, it’s true, feeling physically strong & like my body is able to tackle challenging workouts is an amazing feeling.

But truth be told, there’s no better feeling that that of being in control of my thoughts & feeling mentally strong.

I’ve been at both extremes.

In the depths of my anorexia, I felt such a loss of control over my thoughts that I fully & wholeheartedly succumbed to an illness that almost took my life. I was so mentally weak & powerless that I gave up on trying to heal & my eating disorder always had the upper hand. My life became lifeless. I woke up everyday to go through the motions & worship my disorder.

At the peak of recovery, I felt so in control of my thoughts & emotions I couldn’t even recognize or fathom the idea that I had at one point reached such a low in my life. I felt motivated beyond words to NEVER let it happen again & strong enough to fight my disorder every time it tried to creep its way back into my life.

Today, I’m at neither extreme & somewhere in between.

Some days, I wake up feeling so mentally strong that my anxiety takes the back burner & I fight whatever negative emotion I feel or feed my mind with.

But other days, the anxiety hits me really hard & I feel like succumbing to it is the only solution.

In life, I think it’s important not to get down on ourselves about the way we feel & instead, to come to terms with our emotions & find ways to work through them.

I also think that, In life, we can face any obstacle in 1 of 2 ways: cue the “glass half full or half empty” analogy. I can choose to let the fact that I’m not feeling like I was at my peak bring me down or I can embrace that I’m no longer at rock bottom. It’s all about a shift in perspective & giving less value to the bad & more to the good.

But, this shift in perspective can only happen if I let it & that’s what’s tough.

My behaviour is the product of my thoughts & the stability & control I have over my thoughts is MY CHOICE.

Without mental stability, I don’t have much, so here I am, being real about where I stand in hopes to inspire you to prioritize your mental health as much as the way you look & how heavy you lift.

Our mental health is the stepping stone to our physical health & we all need to value it a little more.



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