My Take On Fasted Workouts (& A Delish Breaky Idea!)

My Take On Fasted Workouts (& A Delish Breaky Idea!)

Saturday mornings are for breaky toast + good carbs to get me pumped for insanity + kickboxing!

I always get asked if I do fasted workouts & the answer is nope, unless it’s an 8AM spin class. I just don’t feel hungry enough at 6:30AM & that’s the time I’d have to eat if I wanted to digest before my workout. Since I eat intuitively, I prefer to eat after early AM classes.

Otherwise, I don’t do intermittent fasting, fasted workouts, bulletproof or follow a keto diet. I’m generally hungry around 7:30AM & most of my workouts are anywhere between 9 & 10AM! Eating pre-workout works for me because I don’t want to get to my workout feeling hungry or irritable. Also, if I go to the gym with no energy, I won’t perform as well or get as much out of my workout.

Keep in mind, I often do a double workout so it’s important to eat before to reduce muscle glycogen depletion. During exercise, the body converts glycogen (stored in muscles + fuelled by carbs), which plays a role in contracting muscles. Glycogen stores need to be restocked with carbs so they don’t run out.

Carbs also help with recovery + increase muscle growth. Knowing the difference between good + bad carbs is important & guess what? Not all carbs are created equal & not all carbs will make you “fat”.

To read more about carbs & the distinction between them, click here: Carbs Are Not The Enemy!

Eating pre-sweat also reduces muscle protein breakdown, maintains + increases amino acid production in the blood, boosts muscle building + boosts energy. This why it’s important to eat protein + carbs pre-sweat & I always add in healthy fats to make it more filling!

Here’s a simple pre-sweat breaky I like to have (or a variation of it):

  • homemade vanilla ashwagandha date paste topped with hemp seeds, Ceylon cinnamon + strawberry slice
  • vegan chive + garlic cashew cheese spread topped with chia seeds, @fruit_bliss sun-dried tomatoes + nutritional yeast

And, why don’t I do bulletproof?

  • I hate the taste + texture
  • I need my REAL FOOD to start my day
  • I don’t personally think it’s healthy for my liver + pancreas to have to process that much fat EVERY morning & I think it can have long-term repercussions.

PSA: this is my personal opinion & I’m not criticizing or condoning your choices if you think differently! Just giving my two cents!





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