Let’s Talk Workout Clothes!

Let’s Talk Workout Clothes!


For me, being comfy in my workout clothes is just as important as enjoying the workout itself! There’s nothing worse than feeling too tight, loose or uncomfortable when trying to focus on exercising!

The ideal outfit for me is:

  • a pair of lightweight tights (cropped or rolled up with this summer humidity) that I feel I can move freely in & isn’t too compressing but still holds it all in. Leggings are the thing I splurge on when it comes to workout wear & I generally stick to Lululemon.
  • a medium impact sports bra that holds the babes in, doesn’t give me “side boob” & I can jump in without worrying about them popping out. I HATE sports bras that look like an actual bra because they’re generally way too fitted & they make my chest feel huge. My ideal sports bra is round-necked, lightly padded, patterned, colourful or flashy to go with my basic tights & sweat-absorbent (especially since sometimes I do 2x workouts). My faves are by New Balance, Saucony, Lululemon, Adidas, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret & Koral.  I try to go cheaper with my sports bras since I wear & wash them a lot & like to have a variety.
  • good shoes – IMO, a very underestimated part of any workout outfit is the right shoes. So many pairs on the market are nice & make your outfit but they don’t provide the right support. My ideal shoe has good support around the ankles to provide stability, locked in heels + ankles when I lift weights & support from front to back for things like burpees, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, planks, shuffles, pivots etc., breathability to prevent over-sweating & a firm outsole for traction! My faves are New Balance, Adidas & Nike. For barre, Pilates or yoga, I go barefoot.
  • a spare crop top &/or sports bra if I need extra support during a workout that’s very high impact or if I need to change between double workouts. My faves are H&M, Brandy Melville, Aritzia, Zara & Forever 21.
  • a strong hair tie or scrunchie so I don’t have to readjust my hair 100 times. My faves are Lululemon or thick black ones from the drugstore.


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