Body Image Struggles & Why Loving My Body Isn’t Circumstantial.

Body Image Struggles & Why Loving My Body Isn’t Circumstantial.

REAL TALK: My feed & posts have been a lot more food & health tips & a lot less of me… Regardless of whether or not you noticed, I’m here to be 200% real with you, so, here I am opening up to you about BODY IMAGE & how much of a struggle it’s been.

Like anxiety, my body image struggles come in bouts. Sometimes, I feel like they aren’t there at all & I’m mentally & emotionally strong enough to know that my physical appearance doesn’t determine my worth or value as a person.

But sometimes, the struggle is RAGING & when it is, it’s hard for me to grasp that I’m not defined by the way I look but more by the way I feel & the energy I radiate & attract.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that we don’t need to look a certain way to justify our struggle. Body image is something we all struggle with. Reality is, being a woman in today’s society isn’t easy. We’re held to such high, albeit unrealistic standards regarding how we should dress, look & act & we strive so hard to attain the unattainable when really, WHAT’S ALL THE DOING FOR ANYWAY?!

Truth is, my body is a part of me but it’s not ALL of me.

When the struggles hit hard, I’m a bit more anxious, quieter & to myself but it’s also because I’m working hard ON myself.

It helps a lot to put things into perspective & to realize that there’s nothing wrong with my body, whether there’s more or less of it, whether it’s bloated, feeling less or more energized or tired. BUT there’s a lot of wrong with letting my thoughts convince me otherwise.

Loving my body on the easy days, the ones where I’m not self-critical & feeling a lack of self esteem is hella freaking easy.

Loving it on the days where my thoughts are flying left right & center throwing negative ideas at me is A LOT harder.

But LOVING MY BODY ISN’T circumstantial. Loving my body is an EVERYDAY journey. It’s a rollercoaster of ups + downs but it’s a commitment I chose to make when I chose recovery & one that I don’t want to break.

 If you’re struggling with body image, know that you’re not alone. Life isn’t just the “rainbows & butterflies” you see in photos.

We’re all human & we’re all a work in progress. Just know: it gets better.


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