Everything You Need to Know To Build A KITK Granola Bowl a.k.a. Breakfast of Champions!

Everything You Need to Know To Build A KITK Granola Bowl a.k.a. Breakfast of Champions!

Hi babes!

Yesterday, was a super gloomy day in Montreal. So… I BRIGHTENED IT UP with this bright nutritious granola bowl! Granola bowls are fun because the possibility combinations are limitless!

Here’s how I build them:

  • FRUIT: fresh, full of vitamin C + antioxidants, naturally sweet & juicy; I like to use anything from a mix of berries to apricots, peaches, kiwi, plum or 1/4 banana.
  • GRANOLA: I use about 2 tbsp. of whatever granola I’m feeling that day. Today, I used Purely Elizabeth cinnamon pumpkin!
    • Some of my other faves are One Degree Organics, Granolust, Living Intentions Superfood Granola or any & all of my homemade granola recipes!
  • FATS: nah, not afraid of you guys like I used to be! My fats usually come from raw unsalted nuts, hemp, flax, pumpkin or chia seeds or nut/seed butters. Today, I used raw hemp nut butter.
  • A SPLASH OF HOMEMADE PLANT MILK: adds a bit more fat + gives it a cereal bowl vibe.
  • TOPPINGS: this is where I go wild! Goji berries, bee pollen, tigernuts, homemade jam, golden berries & shredded coconut are some of my faves. They add a good dose of energy to my bowls + some crunch!
  • NATURAL SWEETENER: my go-to’s are Ceylon cinnamon + pure organic vanilla extract. You can use things like maple or yacon syrup, coconut flower syrup, raw honey or coconut + date sugar but they’re still a lot higher in sugar than vanilla + have a higher GI score. 1 tsp. vanilla contains 0.5g of sugar whereas the same amount of the other natural sugars contain 4-5g!

This is a super easy breaky to build + totally customizable! I hope I can inspire you guys to make some healthier choices on this beautiful day! Love you all, xx!


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