Healthy Living & Accountability Go Hand-In-Hand – Here’s Why!

Healthy Living & Accountability Go Hand-In-Hand – Here’s Why!

Healthy living is about consistency, routine, dedication, discipline, motivation, passion, education, knowledge, understanding & self-growth, confidence, improvement & ACCOUNTABILITY.

Accountability is the acknowledgement & assumption of responsibility for our actions, decisions & behaviour. It’s the distinction between taking everything what you hear for face value & assessing whether or not it adds value or meaning to YOUR life. It’s about being YOUR own health advocate.

My passion is to share my health journey with you in hopes that it inspires you to make a change that’ll potentially better your life. KEYWORD: POTENTIALLY.

Fact is, I can tell you that X food agrees with my body, Y supplement boosts my energy levels & Z workout is my fave. I can tell you that X, Y & Z worked for me. But in the end, whether or not they work for you isn’t based on what I tell you.

What I tell you may motivate you to try, but whether or not they remain a part of your life depends on YOUR personal assessment about whether or not they made a difference for YOU, irrespective of anybody else’s opinion.

Every body’s body is different & in this booming healthy living craze on social media, it’s easy to think that what works for others will automatically work for us. Your trust & loyalty to me means the world & is the reason why I wake up everyday excited to do what I do.

But, I also want nothing more than to encourage you all to play an active role in what you define as your healthy lifestyle.

Read & educate yourself.

Speak to others with similar interests.

Don’t believe everything you see or hear; be adventurous & try new things.

Take risks & be open-minded & most importantly, don’t get down on yourself it it takes a few tries for you to figure out what works best for you.

It might get discouraging & you may get tempted to just “forget it” & do what’s easy because it’s what you know.

But: DON’T.

Know that we’ve all been there, in that “figuring it out” confusing stage where we don’t feel in tune with our mind & bodies. But if you hold yourself accountable & do what’s right for YOU, I PROMISE, you’ll get there.


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