The “Nutshell” Version Of KITK’s Take On Snacking!

The “Nutshell” Version Of KITK’s Take On Snacking!

Something I get asked about a lot is SNACKING! I have a blog post all about healthy snacking, why I believe in it & tons of simple ideas! Here it is if you’re interested!

But here’s the “nutshell” version:


A happy combo of good carbs, protein + amino acids, a bit of healthy fats + I always sneak in some fibre because& it makes the snack more filling. Carbs usually come from fruits, veggies, sprouted bread, rice cakes/crisp breads, fats from avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, fibre from fruits, veggies or hummus & most of those foods usually contain a good amount of protein.


When I feel hungry! I put a lot of work into FINALLY learning to eat intuitively. From restrictive habits to starvation to re-feeding to binging to restraint all over again, I’ve been through it all. We preach intuitive eating but reality is, it isn’t easy to teach our minds & bodies to actually DO IT. The stepping stone to getting there is becoming so in tune with your body that you can sense its hunger & fullness cues without having to overthink & without the mentality that food is the enemy but rather that it’s fuel & nourishment for your safest haven.

All this to say, I snack when I’m hungry & I never let myself get to a point where I feel hANGRY. I spent too many years being frustrated because of self-inflicted starvation & it’s just not worth it.


Eating smaller meals as opposed to 3 large ones keeps my energy levels sustained throughout the day, blood sugar levels in check & ensures I never get overly full or bloated. Snacking helps curb my cravings, prevents me from ever getting so hungry that I fall into binge-restrict cycles & keeps me mindful + reasonable about my portions at meals. One of my tricks to staying healthy when I go out is to always have a little something before to make sure I don’t order the entire menu!


Plant-based raw bars, rice cakes with nut butters, jam, hummus, avocado, banana with almond butter + hemp or chia seeds, dates & almonds with cinnamon, homemade energy balls, bars, cookies or brownies!


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