My Passion For Fitness & Why It’s All About Self-Love For Me!

My Passion For Fitness & Why It’s All About Self-Love For Me!

It’s no secret I work out a lot & so many of you ask how & why I do it so often.

Truth is, a lot of the time, it’s not so much about the workout but more about everything else I overcome & work through during the workout.

Yes, I love a good sweat, the rush of endorphins & that post-workout euphoric feeling. BUT, most of my workouts are the vehicle through which I fight my inner battles. The harder I push, the more I’m able to overcome & the more I realize just how strong I am mentally.

Fitness has taught me that, as cliché as it sounds, I’m as strong & powerful as the strength & power of the thoughts I feed my mind. Telling myself I can get through a tough workout even on a bad day means I get through it, in the same way that telling myself I’ll fight my triggers or negative thoughts means I’ll overcome them.

Sometimes, the workout is about learning to love myself, all of me, my flaws, my imperfections, the things I love & the details I spend hours nitpicking.

Sometimes, it’s about celebrating how far I’ve come, who I am, who I’ve been, how I’ve grown & who I aspire to become.

Sometimes, it prevents an anxiety attack; other times, I just do it for fun & for the good sweat.

Sometimes, it’s about learning to see myself in a different light & feeling purposeful when I find myself questioning.

But everyday, it’s about finding true self-love & learning to accept & challenge myself & growing into a new & better version of myself.

These are values I didn’t even know existed a few years ago.

I didn’t know what it meant to take care of my body because my eating disorder took that away from me.

I didn’t know what it meant to take care of my mind because I had no control over it.

I didn’t know what it meant to grow because my eating disorder always had me wrapped around her finger & stopped me in my tracks every time I tried to fight her.

So yes, I work out a lot but I don’t do it just for the physical benefits. There’s a much grander reason for my passion that has nothing to do with burnt calories, sweat stains & a toned body & everything to do with fighting anxiety, growth, relieving emotional pain, building mental strength & a healthy body & mind.


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