Motivation vs. Discipline & Why In Life, We Need Both!

Motivation vs. Discipline & Why In Life, We Need Both!

What’s the difference between motivation & discipline?


I wondered for a while too, until I really learned that there’s a huge difference even though we often use the words interchangeably.

Discipline is about self-control & shaping our behaviour & thoughts so they’re in tune with our motivation, whereas motivation is what drives & initially fuels us to build that willpower.

Think of motivation as the “WHY” & discipline as “WHAT” keeps us going when the “WHY” isn’t as obvious or when we start to doubt or question our purpose.

Motivation comes from emotion & feeling, whereas discipline is self-taught, based more on reason & gets stronger with time + exposure.

In life, I truly believe we need both!

When we set our mind towards a goal, we need the initial why. The better we know & understand what drives us, the more likely we are to get results.

But what happens when the why is less clear & we feel stuck? That’s where discipline comes in.

A strong sense of self-discipline helps us correct our behaviour & find clarity as to why we committed to a certain lifestyle habit or goal in the first place. Discipline helps make motivations clear when we feel lost, confused & blinded.

For example: I’m a motivated person when it comes to waking up & going to the gym. But sometimes, I just want to stay in bed & scroll through my social media feed for hours. On those days, it’s not my motivation that gets me out of bed; it’s my self-discipline & my fostered ability to rationalize & work through my thoughts to do what I know will make me feel my best long-term.

You can’t snap your fingers & get motivated or become self-disciplined.

We’re all motivated by different things & discipline comes from getting to know yourself & developing a relationship with your body + mind where you’re able to decipher between what’s right for you & what isn’t.

You can’t discipline or correct behaviour if you don’t know what’s right.

So what’s the first step? Figure out what’s right FOR YOU & when you know, commit to those decisions until they become habits.

Always remember your thoughts shape your feelings so feed your mind positively so your motivation & discipline can bring out the best in you!

If you’re feeling less motivated today, know you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us, even those of us who have made it our mission + purpose to be there to inspire & help YOU! We’re all human & we’re all a work in progress.


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