Why I Embrace My “Thunder Thighs” & Wear The Shorts!

Why I Embrace My “Thunder Thighs” & Wear The Shorts!

Shoutout to all the negative self-inflicted thoughts I fed my mind about my “thunder thighs”.

As hard as it is, sometimes, we can’t see the beauty in embracing our bodies until we actually just do it. Easier said than done, I know. But difficulty isn’t the same as impossibility.

The power to rise above what society wants you to think your body needs to look like is in your hands. Embrace your body not because of how it looks but because of the way it carries you through life, supports, sustains & loves you even after all that you put it through.

You’re worth more than a smaller pant or bra size, a number on a battery-operated device, the amount of calories in a granola bar, the weight of a piece of chicken & the fat content in an avocado. Your worth isn’t measured in numbers but rather in the amount of value you voluntarily add to YOUR life & to the lives of those around you.

After years of telling myself my body wasn’t worthy enough to wear the shorts, today I wore the shorts. I won’t lie, it was hard, but it also felt really amazing.

Whatever journey you’re on, never undermine the value in the little things. Strive for progress, not perfection & know that any & all accomplishments deserve to be acknowledged. What matters is not how big your steps are but rather the mere fact that you’re taking a step forward at all.


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