Why It’s Normal To Not Feel As Hungry After Certain Workouts & What I Eat When That’s The Case!

Why It’s Normal To Not Feel As Hungry After Certain Workouts & What I Eat When That’s The Case!

Sometimes, I get home from a workout & I’m so ragingly hungry I could eat the fridge, but other times, I don’t feel as hungry! It varies from day to day & workout to workout! And slowly but surely, I’ve learned to understand my body’s hunger signals & cues!

But wait… why are there some days where we don’t feel as hungry post-workout?!

The hormone that makes us feel hungry, stimulates appetite & elevates levels of blood lactate & blood sugar (which lessen the drive to eat),  known as: ghrelin, gets suppressed during a short intense workout like interval training. This explains why sometimes, we don’t feel hungry immediately after our workouts.

On those nights when I’m not as hungry, I listen to my body & I don’t force myself to eat a massive post-workout meal. It’s easy to just eat to eat, but it’s a lot harder to eat to nourish & fuel your body when it communicates with you. It took a lot of hard work but now I can say that I know the true meaning of eating intuitively!

Even if you don’t feel as hungry after certain workouts, it’s important to still eat SOMETHING! The effect of the suppression of the “hunger hormone” is temporary & your hunger will eventually come back. If you wait too long before eating, you might end up binging (a.k.a. eating your entire fridge & jumping at food like a monster who’s never seen food before). This is why I still choose to eat even when I don’t feel super hungry, but I choose wisely!

One of my fave things to eat when I get home & don’t feel as hungry is: Asian pear, crunchy almond butter + Ceylon cinnamon!

  • The nut butter is great because it’s filling, energizing & contains a great balance of protein for muscle building + recovery & and healthy fats to keep me satisfied without the need for a massive quantity of food!
  • Asian pears are an amazing source of fibre + good carbs. Carbs are necessary post-workout to restore the muscles’ glycogen stores & to ensure proper recovery. They also contain a good amount of natural sugar to provide a quick boost of energy after an intense sweat sesh.
  • Ceylon cinnamon is a great way to naturally sweeten fruits without the need for sugar or syrups & also has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce any inflammation caused to muscle tissue during exercise & promotes adequate recovery.




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