Why Your Body Is Not A Walking Science Experiment & Why You Don’t Need To Count Calories Or Macros To Stay On Track!

Why Your Body Is Not A Walking Science Experiment & Why You Don’t Need To Count Calories Or Macros To Stay On Track!

I work out, but I don’t count macros, calories, weigh or measure my food. Many of us think that the 2 go hand-in-hand & it’s true, they can.

But they don’t have to.

Way too many moments in my life were ruined because I hated my body & obsessed over food & just because others are doing it, it doesn’t mean it works for me.

When I started recovery, I logged my food to ensure I was eating enough to gain weight, but I realized even though my intentions were good, it was more harmful than beneficial. It made me TOO AWARE of what was going into my body & inevitably meant counting calories was part of my daily life. It’s one thing to have good intentions & another to be mindful of the impact the behaviours have on your life.

When I was logging:

🚫 I was stressed, unhappy, obsessive & I thought about food 24-7.
🚫 I planned my meals & spent hours logging every sauce, spice & food, until it was perfect, down to spinach leaves.
🚫 I changed my plan & didn’t eat what I wanted because I couldn’t find the food on the log. An imperfect food log meant discomfort & anxiety.
🚫 IMG_4050.JPGI forced myself to eat, even if I wasn’t hungry to make sure I was in control & I underrate when I felt hungrier as I didn’t want to surpass my “limit”. I lost my ability to listen to my hunger cues & eat intuitively.

My body’s job is to ensure I’m healthy, my heart is beating, food is digested & that it uses the nutrients I feed it & MY JOB IS TO MAKE SURE MY BODY CAN DO THAT.

Logging threw my body off. My hormones were out of whack, my skin reacted, my digestion went haywire & I felt crappy , restricted & controlled by numbers.

When I threw out my food scale & stopped logging, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

✅ I woke up without second guessing my food choices.
✅ I had free time.
✅ I ate what I wanted when I wanted & I felt good & less anxious.
✅ I felt free, relieved & like I was really living.

Your life is about more than the grams of fish, cups of spinach & teaspoons of cinnamon going into your body. Calories are processed differently based on the food you’ eat & its nutrient content.

You’re not a walking science experiment. Your body knows best. Trust & listen to it.

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