What I Think Of Rest Days & Why I Have To Start Practicing What I Preach

What I Think Of Rest Days & Why I Have To Start Practicing What I Preach

Hey babes!


With my love & passion for fitness, it’s no secret that I get asked all the time what I think of REST DAYS?!  This is always an iffy question for me to answer because what I think & know is a little different than what I practice.

Rest days are a crucial component of a healthy exercise routine for many reasons:

  • regulating sleep cycles
  • preventing burnouts
  • reducing risk of injury
  • giving muscles adequate time to recover, repair & replenish glycogen stores,
  • allowing the nerves, bones & connective tissues torn during muscle work to rebuild
  • maintaining strong immunity
  • giving not only the body but also the mind some downtime.

So yes, rest days are important. But do I take them?

Right now, no & guess what? I know that’s not the healthiest decision I could make when it comes to treating my body with the love & care it deserves. But nobody’s perfect & this is the truth about where I’m at. This isn’t to say that where I’m at is where you should be or what you should do. You need to do what feels right for you & from an objective point of view, I HIGHLY recommend rest days if you feel you need them (I’m working on practicing what I preach).

Taking rest days is difficult for me because exercise is the primary way I cope with my anxiety (& it’s been at an all time high lately).

It’s also something I love & have a huge passion for & I’m the type of person who gives of myself fully & wholeheartedly to the things I’m fond of & passionate about (sometimes too much). This isn’t to say that I do things that my body tells me it can’t do. I do feel like my body can sustain the workouts. Then again, I’m sure my body would appreciate some rest every now & then.

Right now, I’m working to reduce the symptoms of my anxiety & hopefully getting comfortable enough with taking rest days that doing so won’t further increase my anxiety. It’s a process.

I know this isn’t the healthiest habit, but I also know that my account is about taking you on my journey with me for the ride, the good, bad, highs & lows.

I don’t believe we can ever be the ultimate level of “100% healthy”. We’re all a work in progress & everyone’a journey is different. This is one of the things I need to work harder at & I think the first step is knowing it. 


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