If You’re Lacking Motivation, You’re Human (& What I Do When I Feel Like I’m In A Rut!)

If You’re Lacking Motivation, You’re Human (& What I Do When I Feel Like I’m In A Rut!)

No matter how motivated we are, we’re all human.

There are days where we’re so motivated that we feel we could literally do ANYTHING. But then there are days where we feel like even the easiest task requires more effort than ever. It happens to us all & whoever tells you their motivation levels are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, isn’t telling the whole story.

Just like some days we wake up with more or less energy, some days, we also wake up with more or less drive. Much like our bodies, our brains also get tired & need downtime.

Reality is, on those less motivating days, we can make one of two choices.

  • sulk over our lack of motivation & let it bring us down
  • use it to turn things around, engage in positive self-talk, try to understand where it comes from & push ourselves even harder to find it again

Reality is, the motivation is there. As human beings, we’re naturally driven to be happy, strong & successful. But sometimes, life gets in the way & alters that drive. That’s where it becomes important to remind yourself of why you started or committed to a goal or habit in the first place.

  • Why did you apply for the job that you’re feeling stuck or not challenged in?
  • Why did you start your health journey?
  • Why did you fall in love with your partner?
  • Why did you sign up for that program or pursue that certification?

When I feel I’m losing my drive or I feel less motivated, I remind myself of what fuelled me with it in the first place. Suddenly what didn’t seem so clear becomes clearer & what seemed impossible becomes more likely & eventually, possible.

Our natural drive for success, happiness & strength is a double-edged sword. Sometimes, we want it so bad that when we don’t achieve it instantaneously, we convince ourselves we never will. When we don’t see results right away, it’s easy to give up.

But when you open your eyes & your mind & you take a look at the bigger picture, although giving up is easy, it means one thing only: you close a door that you once had so much faith in, you welcomed it with open arms.

An open mind & motivation go hand in hand. Your motivation won’t always be the same but one thing will never change: your control over your mind. 


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