The Sky Is The Limit a.k.a. Why You Are Your ONLY Limit.

The Sky Is The Limit a.k.a. Why You Are Your ONLY Limit.

The “cielo” is the limit (Pun intended).

Our journeys in life are limitless.

What limits you or stands in your way is up to you.

No one & nothing has the power to restrict or take away from your willpower, motivation & strength unless you hand that power over.

In my experience, I’ve hit rock bottom points where I handed that power over to FEAR. Fear of the unknown, fear of confronting my demons, fear of facing & overcoming trauma, hardship & loss & worst of all, fear of losing control.

I’ve learned overtime that one of the reasons fear got in the way is because I let it. When fear dominates the mind, it skews your perception of life & creates a disconnect or separation of yourself from your self.

Fear made me feel doubtful, lost, confused & made me lose my self-esteem & confidence. Not only did it make me feel disconnected from myself but it also kept me away from others. Fear made me afraid to really live.

I believed so strongly in my fear that I let my self get pushed aside & it suffocated me so much that all I knew how to do was impose limits: limits on my food intake, outings, interactions & emotions.

Today, I know limits don’t have to exist if I don’t want them to.

Life is all about perception. What you believe in & how you choose to define your reality is what you’ll get from it. If you let fear suck you in & make you feel stuck, you’ll be stuck. Your situation only changes when you do. Circumstances gravitate around you from the way you perceive your self. What’s keeping you stuck where you are & making you lose your sense of self is your judgment. You have the power to change it by changing your beliefs.

You’ll only be able to let your perception of life change when you believe & grasp the idea that you can accomplish ANYTHING so long as that’s what you place focus on. Focus on fear & you’ll find more fear. Focus on progress, happiness & living & you’ll find it.

We preach “be kind to your body” daily, but what about kindness to our minds? Be kind to your mind. Feed it with positive, happy thoughts & with faith & belief in yourself. Kindness to your mind builds mental strength & mental strength is your gateway to health!


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