Pre-Workout Snack Inspo: Dates, Raw Almonds & Ceylon Cinnamon

Pre-Workout Snack Inspo: Dates, Raw Almonds & Ceylon Cinnamon

What are some good pre-workout snacks?! This is a question I get asked a lot! It’s really different for everyone, but I generally stick to fruit, nuts, seeds, rice cakes with nut butter or hummus, smoothies, crunchy raw veggies with Dijon or tahini, homemade energy bites or 1/2 a raw bar if I’m in a hurry or on the go!

Here are some other pre-workout snack ideas:

Today’s snack is 2 Medjool dates stuffed with raw almonds + sprinkled with Ceylon cinnamon.

Dates are great pre-workout for so many reasons:

  • their high glucose content means they go straight to the liver + provide immediate energy as opposed to the bites body having to convert them into fuel to be used for energy
  • they’re high in carbs so they provide energy + fuel to the muscles
  • they also help reduce pain + are high in magnesium, which promotes quicker recovery
  • they’re naturally high in fibre so they keep you full
  • they’re lower on the glycemic index than a lot of other fruit, which means they’re less likely to cause spikes in blood sugar levels
  • they’re high in potassium, an electrolyte necessary for regulating blood pressure

Always make sure your dates are unsweetened & contains no preservatives, sulphates or additives!

If you want some inspo for some of my post-workout snacks, click here: KITK’s Top 5 Post-Workout Snacks a.k.a. Refuel Ideas On Fleek!



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