Why What Has Always Worked Won’t Always Work & Why Your Journey Towards Health Is Like A Relationship!

Why What Has Always Worked Won’t Always Work & Why Your Journey Towards Health Is Like A Relationship!

One of the best lessons I learned on my journey is that I can’t be closed-minded & restricted to what has always worked because what has always worked won’t always work. I can’t expect to keep doing the same thing forever & also, expect to keep feeling my best.

Much like we strive to keep the spark alive in our relationships by trying new things, being adventurous & open-minded & keeping each other on our feet , we must do the same thing with our health & to keep our bodies alive & thriving. The things that got the spark ignited on the 1st or 2nd date may not work 4 or 5 years down the line. The same thing applies to our health.

You can’t expect to eat the same foods everyday & to be consistent with weight loss or maintenance, to do the same workouts every week & see changes in your body or to take the same supplement for your anxiety or gut health issues & feel as good as you did when you started.

In the same way that we sometimes get too used to our relationships, our bodies & minds also adapt to food, supplements, exercise & habits we practice. They need to be challenged, shocked & stimulated through the incorporation of new habits & routines & the suppression of old ones, even for just a short period of time in order to never get too used to or immune to habits.

We’re all a work in progress & the journey towards health is ongoing. We can never be too healthy. Pursuing a journey towards health is about a lot more than looking a certain way. It’s about how you feel, how you learn, grow & educate yourself & monitor results based on the changes you incorporate & how you react when you aren’t seeing as much progress as you would like.

My experience taught me to be courageous, to give novelty a chance & to take a risk on things I’m unsure of even if they don’t seem my “type”.

When in doubt, I keep an open mind & I almost always take the leap of faith & that’s saying a lot coming from where I was just a few years ago. Change is scary, but change is good.


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