My “Desert Island, Can’t Live Without You” Moisturizer: Egyptian Magic

My “Desert Island, Can’t Live Without You” Moisturizer: Egyptian Magic

Hey babes!


I always get asked what my favourite moisturizer is & truth is, it’s hard for me to pinpoint just one & to recommend it to you guys because it’s important for me to know what your skincare concerns & targets are! But, TRUTH IS ALSO, if I had to choose just one moisturizer to use for the rest of my life, it’d be Egyptian Magic.

It’s probably the most natural moisturizer on my skincare #shelfie & is made with just SIX ingredients, all of which pack amazing benefits. We’ll get to those in a second.

My favourite way to use it is as an overnight mask. I apply it as the last step in my nightly skincare routine so it can rebuild, hydrate & moisturize my skin while I sleep! I also love applying it after a shower &/or after sun exposure because not only does it soothe, but it also repairs & strengthens the skin’s antioxidant defence system & microbiome.

There are SO MANY ways & uses for this moisturizer… it’s actually quite crazy! You can basically use it on, for & to cure absolutely EVERYTHING. You can read more about all its uses on their website.

Now that you know my favourite ways to use it, let’s talk about the ingredients:

  • OLIVE OIL contains vitamin E, polyphenols + phytosterols, antioxidants that fight aging & oleic acid, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that helps get rid of bacteria, as well as hydrating squalene.
  • BEE POLLEN contains tons of vitamins, enzymes & antioxidants that fight premature aging of the cells & stimulate the growth of new skin tissue.
  • BEE PROPOLIS has healing, antiseptic & restorative abilities that help balance & soothe problematic skin. It also accelerated the rate of cell growth & decongests pores due to its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • HONEY is antibacterial, which makes it great for killing acne-causing bacteria, full of antioxidants + vitamin C, naturally boosts collagen, moisturizes, soothes + provides a glow.
  • BEESWAX is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, reduces stretch marks & may help treat certain skin infections or disorders.
  • ROYAL JELLY is healing, anti-aging & super moisturizing. It contains B complex vitamins, amino & fatty acids that help strengthen the skin & build protein & also has natural antibiotic & antibacterial properties.

If you are going to order it online, make sure you do so from a trusted source. There are tons of counterfeit products circulating on both Amazon & eBay, so don’t let yourself get fooled! Follow the links directly from the Egyptian Magic website or buy them in a local store to protect yourself best! Check out the guidelines on the Egyptian Magic website for all the info that you need to know if you’ve purchased a dupe.

Honestly, you guys NEED to try this moisturizer. I could go on & on for days about it but it doesn’t do it justice! Its name speaks for itself: it’s MAGIC.


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