Plan Ahead, They Said. It’ll Change Your Life, They Said (& My Super Simple Recipe For Cheesy Tomato Primavera Zoodles)

Plan Ahead, They Said. It’ll Change Your Life, They Said (& My Super Simple Recipe For Cheesy Tomato Primavera Zoodles)

CURRENT SITCH: Living for planning ahead!

I knew I was going to work out at 7 the other night & that I’d get home hungry & needing refuel. Before I left, I prepped zoodles & made sure I had tomato paste, roasted veggies & an idea of the fats & protein I wanted to incorporate into dinner so that everything was ready when I got home!

This got me thinking, I believe a big part of what has kept me on track with healthy lifestyle choices & habits is the fact that I plan ahead!

Planning ahead doesn’t have to be complicated, fancy or burdensome. It just has to WORK FOR YOU!

If planning ahead means you have time to make dinner in the AM, that’s great. If it means prepping ingredients so that they’re ready to be cooked when you get home, that’s great too! It’s not so much what you plan that matters but rather the mere fact that you take the time to do it!

It’s so easy to come home after a long day & feel too lazy to do anything. Often, when we feel lazy, we make less healthy choices that we may not have otherwise made if we had more energy or motivation.

Reality is, sometimes, LIFE GETS IN THE WAY! We’re all human & it’s normal. Having a long day doesn’t mean you need to skimp on your goals or make unhealthy choices that may not make you feel your best.

When you plan ahead:

  • you anticipate & when you anticipate, you almost always get better final results.
  • it gives your brain time to make well-informed decisions.
  • it reduces stress.
  • it builds accountability.
  • it motivates you to continue making healthy choices.
  • it reduces the risk of overeating/binging.
  • it saves time in the long-run.
  • it helps cultivate a lifestyle.

Soon enough, planning ahead becomes a part of what you do naturally & doesn’t require as much time, thought or willpower.

The first step is always hard; take it slow & build your way up. You don’t have to prep enough food for an army. Keep your ingredients simple. Stick to staples. Make sure you have protein & carbs prepped & foods rich in healthy fats & veggies ready to throw into the mix. It’s that simple.

TO MAKE THIS DISH: Throw zoodles, tomato paste, fresh garlic, pre-roasted veggies, sea salt, smoked paprika, black pepper, nutritional yeast into a skillet. Sauté it for 2-3 min.  Remove from the heat & top with pine nuts or other protein/fats & garnish with dried parsley! ENJOY! 🙂


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