The Priceless Difference Between What You Want & What You Need

The Priceless Difference Between What You Want & What You Need

When was the last time you thought of the things you actually need as opposed to the things you want?

The past few years, I’ve grown a lot as a person. I really learned to shift my perspective & to place more value on the things I genuinely need in life in order to feel my best versus the material things that have now taken second place.

Sure, I’m still a 27-year old girl living in this crazy world that is so preoccupied with impulsivity, materialism & consumerism & there’s no denying that we all give in to it sometimes.

But, you guys know I’m all about recognizing progress & when I look back on who I used to be & who I today, I’ve learned to appreciate the things that truly matter in life.

Sure, you’d love to have that designer bag. But do you need it?

Oh & those shoes that just went on sale… you NEED them, right?

And that dress… you’ll die if you don’t get your hands on it. But will you really? You WANT all those things but do you really NEED them?

What will they bring to your life in the grand scheme of things?

Let’s look at the bigger picture.

As human beings, we need love, support & we need our health. We need to feel mentally stable & strong. We need purpose & a strong sense of self. We need each other.

These are all things we can’t put a price tag on & that don’t go on sale.

These things are priceless & at the end of the day, we can be dressed from head to toe in brand name clothes, shoes & handbags but those material objects will never make us feel as good as a strong & clear mind, a healthy body, loving & kind relationships, passion & a state of being that feels in tune with our body, mind & emotions.

So next time you think you REALLY need those material objects, I encourage you to challenge yourself & question whether that “need” is really just driven by luxury & materialism. You’ll be surprised at how much it broadens your perspective & changes you overtime.

Sometimes, the things we need the most are standing RIGHT in front of us. Let’s love & appreciate them a little more. 


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