Chocolate Matcha Coconut “Fat Balls” a.k.a. The Epitome Of Healthy Fats In Decadent Chocolatey Deliciousness Form!

Chocolate Matcha Coconut “Fat Balls” a.k.a. The Epitome Of Healthy Fats In Decadent Chocolatey Deliciousness Form!

Hey lovies!


These balls are inspired by Lee From America’s concept of “fat balls”! I threw a bunch of my fave ingredients into my food processor this afternoon hoping to nail the taste & texture & OH BABY DID I EVER.

I loaded them up with tons of nuts, seeds, coconut, prebiotic fibre + a little touch of MCT oil to boost energy & add an extra dose of brain-boosting healthy fats. They’re naturally sweet, vegan, gluten & grain-free, indulgent, chocolatey & so DELISH, they really feel like a treat!

The recipe will make about 20 small/medium-sized balls, but you can totally freeze half the batch if it’s too much for you, cut the recipe in half or make them bigger, if that’s what your heart desires!

Before I reveal how these babies are made, I just want to discuss some of the benefits of the ingredients I threw into my food processor. I say “threw” like I really went out on a whim with it (& I basically did), BUT like most of my recipes, there’s always a good “WHY” a.k.a. there’s always a reason for which I use & combine certain ingredients! So what’s the “WHY” behind some of the ingredients in these balls of wonderfulness?

  • Cashews: Full of vitamin E, K & B6, antioxidants, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron & selenium. They’re great for skin health, cell renewal & regeneration, bone strength, boosting immunity, digestive health, energy levels & cognitive function.
  • Coconut flour: High in fibre, protein & healthy fats, while being low in sugar & digestible carbs! It’s also low on the glycemic index, so it’s great for people who are at risk for diabetes, heart disease or who are trying to cut back on sugar.
  • Yacon syrup: A soluble fermentable fibre, which acts as a prebiotic to nourish the healthy bacteria already found in the gut & allow it to thrive & outnumber the bad bacteria. It also has tons of antioxidants & potassium, helps fight constipation & other gut health issues & contributes to lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Chia seeds: FIBRE! But not just fibre… they’re also rich in plant-based protein, healthy anti-inflammatory fatty acids & amazing source of iron & calcium. They help raise good cholesterol levels & protect cardiovascular health, while boosting immunity & fighting the signs of aging due to their antioxidant content.
  • Matcha: Matcha is high in a catechin called EGCG, which has cancer-fighting properties. It’s also great for preventing heart disease, diabetes & certain types of cancer. Due to its catechin content, contrary to coffee, it does not cause highs & lows in energy levels & provides a source of sustained energy, while providing a caffeine fix. It’s great for boosting immunity, skin health & fighting the signs of aging in the body.
  • Dates: Dates are high in fibre, lower on the glycemic index than a lot of other sweeteners & a great source of vitamins & minerals, such as: calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium & zinc. They are great for replenishing electrolytes & boosting energy.
  • Brain Octane / MCT oil: MCT oil is a medium-chain triglyceride, a form of saturated fatty acid with numerous health benefits, ranging from improved cognitive function, focus, concentration, to better mood, sustained energy levels, healthy weight maintenance & keeping you fuller longer.
  • Almond butter: Almond butter is full of antioxidants, vitamin E & helps lower cholesterol. It also contains magnesium, which boosts heart health by promoting the flow of blood, oxygen & nutrients, bone & muscle strength & promotes healthy digestion. It also contains potassium, which is crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels & heart health.

Without further ado, let’s discuss how to make these babies! And don’t worry… I give you tons of suggestions for alternative ingredients in case you don’t have ’em all on hand!

INGREDIENTS (for 20 balls):

  • 1 cup leftover pulp from coconut milk or coconut flour
  • 1/4 cup raw unsalted cashews (almonds, walnuts or pecans work well too!)
  • 2-3 tbsp. chia seeds (flax or chia work well too!)
  • 2 tbsp. yacon syrup (coconut flower syrup/nectar or pure organic maple syrup work too)
  • 1 heaping tbsp. organic matcha powder (chlorella, spirulina or moringa work too!)
  • 1/4 cup raw organic cacao powder
  • A splash of pure organic vanilla extract
  • 2-3 pitted dates
  • 2 tbsp. water if needed to soften the batter
  • 1 tbsp. Brain Octane oil/MCT oil
  • 3 tbsp. creamy almond butter (any other nut or seed butter works too!)


  • Add the ingredients to the bowl of your food processor & pulse until combined & incorporated.
    • You should be able to press the batter between your fingers & it should hold.
    • If it’s still too crumbly, add water, 1 tbsp. at a time & pulse again. You will have to scrape the sides down once or twice.


  • Roll the batter into balls of your desired size & place on a plate or baking sheet.
  • Sprinkle with a bit more matcha or cacao powder.
  • Refrigerate so they can firm up!
  • Enjoy! 😍
    • STORAGE: Store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer, depending on your preferred texture. They’ll last longer in the freezer.




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