We’re All A Work In Progress.

We’re All A Work In Progress.

Today, I woke up full of energy & ready to take on the week head strong. BUT, it’s not always like that.

Life isn’t ALWAYS exactly how we want it to be.

We aren’t ALWAYS exactly where we want to be.

No day is perfect & nobody is perfect. There’s no lasting moment where we feel we mastered it all & no point when we know that from here on out, everything will work out & be all figured out.

There’s ALWAYS more work to do & honestly, if there weren’t…. how else would we stay motivated?

Sure, there are moments filled with greatness, where we think we have it all & we feel content in our relationships, do the work we love & find passion in & feel healthy, mentally & physically.

But reality is, we’re never guaranteed anything in life. Life happens, it’s inevitable & as it happens, we find ourselves faced with the truth that there will always be areas in our life where there’s more work to do, more ways to grow & experiences to be had, create, be part of & learn from.

My journey towards a healthier lifestyle taught me that WE’RE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS & it’s that work in progress that allows us to learn & make adjustments & improvements as we move forward.

There are things I know today that I didn’t know yesterday, a week, month or year ago & things I do, say & think today that I didn’t think I’d ever get to in my entire life. This is because LIFE happened & as it happened, I opened my heart to learning, growing, working on & improving myself.

If you’re on a journey, whatever that journey is & feel you aren’t quite there yet, STOP doubting yourself & putting yourself down for “falling short” in certain aspects of your life.

What matters is not how fast you get there or how much you know right now, but rather that you care enough about yourself to continue striving, improving, never giving up & pursuing your journey.

What matters is that you know that ANYTHING is possible if you set your mind to it & fight for it. Continue to work on yourself & the things you want to happen in your life will come slowly, but surely, when you’re ready & often, when you least expect it! Don’t get so tied up in having it all right now. Let time take you there.


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