What’s In My Gym Bag? a.k.a. Why I’m Basically The BAG LADY!

What’s In My Gym Bag? a.k.a. Why I’m Basically The BAG LADY!

If you’re a fellow Cielo go-er, then you know that I’m legit the bag lady when it comes to my gym bag. You can bet your life on it that if you’re missing something, I most probably have it.

So what on earth is in that bag weighing me down, you ask?

Let me explain!

  • WATER, always (in my S’well bottle when I remember to bring it or else, just a waterbottle). I’ve been loving adding LYNQ “Empowdered” unsweetened fruit + veggie powder to spice up my water with vitamins, minerals + fibre OR if I feel I need a boost or I’m feeling weak, my I’ll use my Trace Minerals ELECTROLYTE drops!
  • A towel
  • Extra scrunchies, hair ties (I’m obsessed with the Lululemon ones. They really do a great job at holding the hair tight, they don’t pull on the hair & they are well worth the heftier price tag) & clips
  • Deodorant (My current fave is the Lafes Organic Body Care Sport one!) & a body spray (I like the Sol De Janeiro one!) & hand cream (Currently obsessed with the Lanolips Coconutter one!)
  • An extra top or sports bra (if I’m so sweaty that I need to change in between my double workouts – who’s with me: worst feeling is going into a workout wet & sweaty, right?)
  • A hair brush
  • Blotting papers to get rid of sweat & buildup post-workout (My fave are by Tatcha). I also keep face wipes in case I really want to give my face a good cleanse on the go (I like Boo Bamboo alcohol-free baby wipes & Acure Organics coconut argan wipes)
  • A bar &/or some portioned out trail mix or nuts/dried fruit in case I ever get light headed or need something quick after a workout (My fave brands are Roo Bar, Raw Rev, Go Macro, RX Bar, Simply Protein & Prana)
  • A face mist in the summer because I like to spritz it post-blotting papers – so refreshing! My faves are Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen mist, Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator & any & all rose water sprays!
  • Lip gloss, because… have you met me?!
  • A phone charger because I’m basically a walking dead phone
  • My boxing gloves on Tuesday’s, Sunday’s & Wednesday’s
  • And on my wrist? My FitBit to track my workout, heart rate & to help me monitor my intensity + progress. I have the Charge 2!

Now you know why my bag looks like it’s about to pop!

I hope these tips help!

Let me know what you carry around in your gym bag in the comments below! Am I forgetting anything?!


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