How Ballet Barre Made Me Realize The Beauty In Getting UNComfortable!

How Ballet Barre Made Me Realize The Beauty In Getting UNComfortable!

This morning, as I decided to put on my bright pink leggings to set the tone for Ballet Barre class, I got to thinking. I can’t express how much I LOVE this new workout & how well it complements the rest of my routine!

No matter what your fitness level, I strongly encourage you to try it! TBH, I’m no graceful ballerina, but after just 4 weeks, I already notice I have more range of movement, I feel like I can move my body more freely & not feel so stiff all the time (which is crucial for someone who lifts & trains as often as I do) & although the burn is real, I already notice I’m getting better at the isometric holds & improving my balance & posture.

It’s CRAZY what just a few weeks of something new can do to your body & mind. It feels so good to step out of my comfort zone & do something new & different.

This week, I encourage you to do something small everyday that makes you feel UNCOMFORTABLE.

They say that if you want something in life that you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.

Whether you feel ready or not, put yourself out there. Step out of your comfort zone. You might face rejection or difficulty. You might fail or encounter setbacks. You might hate or love that “something new”. But in the end, I promise you’ll take & learn something from that lack of comfort. You’ll grow from it & it’ll give an aspect of your life a sense of meaning.

Discomfort forces us to cultivate a sense of tolerance & patience with ourselves & others, it enlightens & empowers us, brightens our horizons, opens our minds, shows us how strong we are & shifts our perspective.

The only way to learn & grow is through exposure to new & foreign experiences.

Comfort feels good, right & gives us security. But, the issue with it is it also teaches us to feel the pressure is off, that we don’t have to try or challenge ourselves & in turn, prevents self-growth.

I’m not telling you to run for President or to feel so uncomfortable that you’re overwhelmed, take it a step at a time & before you know it, what once made you uncomfortable will eventually be your comfortable.

Life is a never-ending journey through which we’re constantly striving to build upwards & believe it or not, discomfort is a part of your way up.


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