Beauty Product Review: Clinique FIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara

Beauty Product Review: Clinique FIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara

I don’t usually post close-ups THIS CLOSE but I need to discuss the Clinique FIT Workout 24-Hour Mascara with you guys. I’m beyond impressed. This isn’t sponsored, just me sharing my love for this mascara hoping that it helps you solve your “I want to look good but also sweat like a pig through my workout” problems.

It’s been SO HARD for me to find a sweat & humidity-resistant mascara that’s smudge-free & that I can wear through double workouts. No matter how great other mascaras looked, halfway through my workout, I’d look like a raccoon with a black eye.

It doesn’t help that I’m a a bottom lash girl, so you can only imagine that with all the sweat, half the mascara would end up smeared under my eyes, dry up & leave a dark & dull shadow. This one DOES NOT do that & it stays on to PERFECTION, even after consecutive boxing & spin classes. It’s a miracle for me, seriously.

FYI, I took this pic 12 HOURS after applying the mascara, just saying.

Not only has that issue been resolved, but the mascara applies super well. The brush is thin & very easy to manipulate so the mascara goes on clump-free, lengthens & really lets you separate the lashes & get into the smaller lashes in the corner of your eye (hello spider lashes!). It’s also really pigmented so you really get that eye-opening effect.

Despite how well it stays, you won’t need 200 cotton pads or 10 minutes to take it off. With a good quality micellar water, cleanser &/or makeup remover, it comes off easily, no savage rubbing necessary.

Now that it’s summer, I definitely think you NEED this mascara, even if you don’t work out. It’s great for hot & humid days spent in the sun when you still want to rock them spider lashes or long days at work where you have to power through meetings looking your best!!


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