Pictures Are Just Pictures, Not The Whole Picture.

Pictures Are Just Pictures, Not The Whole Picture.

Facial expressions…

All those things have an impact on the perfect pictures you see on social media.

In these photos, you see me in the same clothes but in completely different lighting, posing & angles.

What you don’t see are the 10 other photos I took until I got the “best” one.

You also don’t see the OTHER 3 million things going on in my life aside from the few minutes I took to take these selfies.

You don’t see the thoughts racing through my mind, my daily struggles or accomplishments.

You don’t see my feelings.

These are pictures, BUT THEY AREN’T THE WHOLE PICTURE. You don’t see through them or beyond them. You see JUST them.

When you scroll through your social media feed, I encourage you to use it wisely & to realize that a select few photos don’t tell the entire life story of the person you see.

It’s hard to resist but try to fight the urge to compare yourself to what you see & put things into perspective. In the same way you’re struggling with one thing or another or going through a rough patch in life, odds are that person is too. Reality is, LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, despite what Instagram, Facebook & every other social media outlet leads you to believe.

When you look at these photos, you’d never know that I’m a girl in recovery from an eating disorder, who’s been having slip-ups or has anxiety. These are things I’m open about but they’re also things that don’t always transpire from my photos.

Social media can be a double-edged sword. It can be a beautiful outlet to share our stories, struggles & experiences in hopes to inspire & relate to others & make connections that would’ve never otherwise existed.

But it can also be dangerous if you let it have an impact on your self-esteem & the way you see yourself in comparison to the photos & content you choose to follow.

Today, I encourage you to reflect on how you’re using social media & whether or not it’s bringing light, happiness & positivity to your life.

Surrounding myself with positive people, energy & vibes has been one of the most refreshing & rewarding things in my recovery journey. I encourage you to do the same.



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