The Importance Of Getting To Know Your Body & Listening To It!

The Importance Of Getting To Know Your Body & Listening To It!

Whether it be concerning exercise, nutrition, supplements, motivation, emotions, cravings or other lifestyle habits, one thing ALWAYS remains the same: The importance of getting to know & listening to your body.

Getting to know your body sounds like a weird concept to some, right?

I mean, you’re already living in your body… don’t you know it best?

Not always!

Getting to know your body is actually a more active task than most people think. It requires a commitment on our part to be in tune with the way we feel & what we’re thinking & doing.

Put it this way: It’s not enough to start taking a supplement if you don’t monitor the way it’s making you feel or improving your life.

Same goes for cravings. If you don’t reflect on the reason WHY it’s happening before giving in to it, it’ll be a while before you can find healthy ways to curb it the next time it hits & you can understand the things your body is lacking.

Same goes for therapy. Going is one thing, but asking yourself if it’s helping after a few sessions is another.

Taking care of ourselves is about so much more than just incorporating a healthy lifestyle change or habit & waiting for it to work. Nothing will magically work for everyone. There’s no such thing as one size fits all.

Healthy living is about MONITORING the results the habit leads to & making changes or tweaks to ultimately feel our best & get the most from it. Once we get to know our bodies, listening to them becomes natural & automatic.

Your relationship with yourself & your body is the most important one you’ll ever build. It’s the one relationship that won’t let you down, fail or lose its spark, so long as you continuously take matters into your own hands & engage in daily practices conducive to maintaining it & keeping it strong. Nobody else’s emotions or feelings have an impact on that relationship but your own.

Care for, feel for, listen to & take pride in your body & its ability to walk you through life. Be open to getting to know it & TAKE CARE OF IT.

If your relationship with yourself isn’t healthy, none of your other relationships will be either.

Build your relationship with yourself daily & do whatever you can to keep it strong.


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