Avocado, Sprouted Quinoa, Hummus & Crunchy Veggie Vegan Rice Paper Wraps a.k.a. My Take On Vegan Sushi-ISH!

Avocado, Sprouted Quinoa, Hummus & Crunchy Veggie Vegan Rice Paper Wraps a.k.a. My Take On Vegan Sushi-ISH!

Guys… this lunch was LEGENDARY… I’m not even exaggerating. Although I tend to every now & then. This lunch situation is A REAL FREAKING SITUATION & A HALF, OKAY?

I prepped the sprouted quinoa this weekend as part of meal prep & the rest of the recipe came together in minutes! No hangry Kelly ova here!

This recipe is the epitome of just how delicious a plant-based lunch can be!

The wraps are loaded with avocado, cucumber, bell pepper, Hope Foods Thai coconut curry organic hummus, sprouted quinoa, cilantro, green onion & my fave organic dried herb blend by Bragg’s. SO DELISH, CREAMY, NUTRITIOUS & SATISFYING!

What’s fun about these wraps is that you can literally personalize them any way you like! If avocado isn’t your thang, you can replace it with mashed chickpeas or black beans, vegan cheese spread, tofu, tempeh, raw salmon or tuna, canned tuna, chopped egg or ground chicken or turkey, or any other ingredient of your choice. GO WILD!

As for the veggies, you can change them up to your liking as well, but I definitely recommend using crunchy ones to add some crispiness to these wraps, but also to make sure that everything holds together in place!

As for grains, GO WILD, yet again! You can use anything from brown rice to quinoa, amaranth, freekeh, buckwheat or quinoa.

THEN COMES THE SAUCE… I chose to spice it up with some creamy thai coconut curry hummus, but again, GO WILD! You can use your fave hummus, beet spread, vegan or regular cheese spread, Dijon mustard, BBQ sauce, salsa, etc. depending on the flavour combo you’re looking for!

ALL THIS TO SAY, here I am providing you with a delish base recipe that you spice up however you like it!

These wraps are filling, satisfying, crispy, crunchy, but still creamy, nutritious, full of plant-based whole foods & a must-try if you’re looking for a simple & easy lunch. BONUS if you’ve already meal prepped the grains on the weekend to save you time!

The only annoying part about the prep for this recipe is being gentle enough so that the wraps don’t tear. I won’t lie, you may have to go through 1 or 2 before you actually get one perfectly out of the skillet without ripping it. BUT TRUST ME, IT’S WORTH IT. I highly recommend having your veggies & other stuffing ingredients ready & laid out on a cutting board before starting to soak the wrap so that everything’s laid out in front of you when comes the time to stuff it.

INGREDIENTS (for 2 wraps):

  • 2 rice paper wraps, soaked in warm water for about 20 seconds (1 at a time when ready to use)
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 1 small cucumber, sliced
  • 1/2 bell pepper, sliced
  • 1/4 cup cooked sprouted quinoa
  • 1 green onion, sliced
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
  • 1 tbsp. @hopefoods Thai coconut curry organic hummus
  • @braggsacvhealth 24-herb & spice seasoning


  • Prep & lay your wrap filling ingredients on a cutting board.


  • Fill a deep skillet or bowl with warm water. When ready to use, put the first rice paper wrap in the skillet & leave it there for about 20 seconds. Gently remove it & place it on the cutting board.
  • Fill the wrap with 1/2 your filling ingredients. I used the cilantro as a base & topped it with the veggies, avocado, quinoa, hummus & spices.


  • Fold the sides of the wrap in gently, then holding the toppings in, roll it until it’s sealed. I suggest wetting your fingers to seal it tightly!
  • Repeat for the 2nd wrap.


  • Slice them in half, top with more herbs & enjoy!
    • These wraps are best served fresh but they’ll keep in the fridge for up to 2 days!



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