Belief, Commitment, Consistency & Why They Are The 3 Steps To A Healthier YOU.

Belief, Commitment, Consistency & Why They Are The 3 Steps To A Healthier YOU.

Have you been trying to cultivate a healthier lifestyle but you find there’s something holding you back?

For many people, the hardest part is having faith in & trusting the process.

When you’ve been living your life one way, teaching your mind to live it another way is hard. I firmly believe that building a healthy lifestyle begins in the mind. The stepping stone is educating yourself & building the basic knowledge necessary to understand the WHY behind the change you want to make. Understanding makes it much easier to have faith in the greatness a new habit can bring to your life.

Like anything in life, making new habits a natural part of who you are & something you’re inclined to do almost automatically, takes time. You won’t snap your fingers & be able to do it overnight & that’s normal. But, when you trust that the effort you’re making is in the pursuit of something that’ll help you on the journey towards building the YOU that feels YOUR BEST, the process becomes more justifiable & you’re more likely to commit to it.

My advice to you today is to be open-minded & give something new a chance. At first, it was so hard for me to believe in the power of food to reverse my health but I’m living proof that it did.

If there’s something you want to change in your life, you must first believe in it or doing it & more so, doing it consistently will be that much more difficult.

When you believe, it’s easier to commit. When you commit, you become consistent. And when you’re consistent, it becomes a routine & a lifestyle.

Be patient. Have faith & motivate yourself to work towards your BEST SELF.

It’ll probably feel like the journey is never ending because there is ALWAYS room for improvement but in my opinion, that’s how we grow, learn, educate, inspire & get to a place where we love ourselves enough to be able to give of ourselves to others.

Love yourself enough to make healthy choices everyday.

Love yourself enough to take care of the one & only place you have to live in.

Love yourself enough to be happy with what you have & in your skin.

Love yourself enough to UPLIFT others as opposed to comparing yourself & being envious.

This sense of love comes from prioritizing your health.

It’s step one.

Do it.


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