My Favourite Workouts & How I Balance It All!

My Favourite Workouts & How I Balance It All!

Hey babes!


I often get asked what my fave workouts are & how I balance it all.

I’d say my workout routine is a combination of spinning, HIIT, weight training & boxing. This combination gives me a good balance between cardio & weights & targets building up my endurance, protecting my cardiovascular health, fat burning, toning & makes my workouts fun!

WEIGHT TRAINING: When it comes to weights, I generally use anywhere between 5 & 10 lbs. weights depending on the exercise & the area of the body I’m targeting. Anything more is really freaking heavy TBH & I want to maintain lean muscle mass as opposed to bulking up too much. I like to target arms, abs, legs, shoulders & booty, while incorporating a bit of back & chest every now & then.

SPINNING: I spin 4x a week & I generally combine it with weight training or HIIT classes so that I don’t overdo the cardio & I get to complement the cardio with exercises targeted more at fat burning & toning. Spin is all about how hard you push & how intense you choose to make it. The more resistance, the tougher the workout & the more you target lower-body strength. My fave type of spin class is one that alternates between climbs & sprints to optimize fat burn & endurance.

HIIT: HIIT is currently my fave type of workout because it really pushes me to give my 100%. The bursts of intense exercise coupled with short periods of recovery keeps the heart rate up, build cardiovascular endurance but it’s also great for fat burning & lean muscle because you actually burn more calories for between 24-48 hours post-workout. It puts your body in “after-burn” mode, which basically means you need more oxygen (& more calories) for recovery.

BOXING: Boxing is another form of cardio I do about 2-3x a week. It gets your heart rate up, burns tons of calories, but also incorporates weights. I love it for its physical benefits but even more for its effectiveness at helping ground me & cope with my anxiety & stress. It’s a great release & a fun way to get in cardio without even seeing the time go by!



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