My Pantry Reorganization Tips & All The Goods I Like To Keep Stocked!

My Pantry Reorganization Tips & All The Goods I Like To Keep Stocked!

Best feeling: A clean & reorganized pantry stocked with all the goods! I did a huge spring cleaning in my pantry yesterday & I feel DETOXIFIED, literally! 😂

Here’s a brief recap of how I cleaned it up!

  • I stored all my products in plastic bins purchased at the dollar store for a measly $3,50 each! They’re sturdy & really don’t look cheap at all!
  • I stored everything by category to make things more accessible: nuts, seeds, grains, oats, snacks, proteins, collagens, crackers + rice cakes, healthy snack bars, baking ingredients, powders, supplements + superfoods, granola + dried fruit.
  • I wiped down all shelves + bins with lysol wipes to disinfect before putting anything back.
  • I checked all expiry dates on the packages to make sure nothing was past due + got rid of anything we haven’t used in a bit.
  • I made sure all opened bags were sealed with bag clips or ties to preserve freshness.
  • I elevated the bins in the back to make removing + putting them back easy + accessible.

Simple & easy, I know. BUT IT MADE ME FEEL LIKE I HAD MY LIFE IN ORDER, literally!

If you’re curious about some of the goods I like to keep stocked in my pantry on the regular, check out this blog post: What’s In My Pantry? a.k.a. Pantry Goals, You?




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