Flashback To A Year Ago: There’s A Time & Place For Everything.

Flashback To A Year Ago: There’s A Time & Place For Everything.

Swipe left. Same girl. Same outfit. A year apart.

A year ago to the day, I went to my first yoga class after being in recovery for 3 months. It was the first form of exercise approved by my treatment team after having basically been on bed rest to really focus on weight restoration. You can imagine how excited & fortunate I felt at the time.

Finally, some MOVEMENT!

What a difference a year can make.

A year later, I feel even MORE fortunate & fascinated at the abilities & strength I developed since I made the conscious decision to treat my body right, get it moving everyday & nourish it to sustain it daily.

Take these photos not as a transformation, but as a testament to the fact that there’s a time & place for everything.

I could’ve forced my body into starting to exercise before I got the green light from my therapist.

I could’ve forced myself to compensate for the food I began nourishing myself with overexercising. But I waited because I knew that doing those things wasn’t conducive to my physical & mental recovery.

If you’re in recovery, know that your time will come too. BE PATIENT. Do what’s right for your body & wait it out. I waited because my body & mind were in a very fragile place. I was already so broken & I couldn’t justify breaking my myself down even more.

A year later, I’m proud to say I moved from yoga to more intense physical activity & to a wider variety of exercises because simply put, I CAN. You can too. Maybe not today, tomorrow or a month from now. But eventually, you can & YOU WILL.

Don’t mess with your fragility. Take care of yourself & know that your body will do for you what you do for it. Treat it right. Nourish it. Take things slow. Find your stability. Ground yourself. The ability to exercise isn’t going anywhere. The only thing that will if you don’t hold yourself accountable & be your own health advocate? Your health.

Today, I know that my health is my greatest wealth & it’s something I’ll NEVER take for granted. Because finding my health, committing to it & never giving up is the reason I’m no longer the girl in the pictures on the left. I’m no longer broken. I’m whole.




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