Why Falling Off Track Isn’t Your End All, Be All & Why Sometimes, You Need To Just “Have The Donut!”

Why Falling Off Track Isn’t Your End All, Be All & Why Sometimes, You Need To Just “Have The Donut!”

Yesterday, I spoke about falling off track & it resonated with a lot of you. I want you guys to know that falling off track is NORMAL & it’s part of what makes us human.

We fall off track with work, therapy, our mental health, exercise, school, relationships, friendships & health. Sometimes, we fall off track with LIFE altogether. And it seems like well never be able to get back into a good rhythm & so, instead of trying, we fall into the cycle where we make excuses for ourselves instead of trying to pick up where we left off.

Guess what? That’s normal too.

How many times did you fall off track with healthy eating & continue that way for a month or two?

How many times did you stop working out for a week & then never go back for 3 months?

How many times did you go out, get a little tipsy & slack all weekend with studying?

How many times did you say you’d make plans with a friend & forget?

How many times did you say you’d call your therapist back because you weren’t feeling 100% & only do it months later?


My best advice for falling off track & getting back into a healthy rhythm is to NOT be so hard on yourself. Accept what happened, learn from it & move on.

Maybe you needed to fall off track to appreciate just how good it feels to get back on.

Your worth as a person is NOT determined by that one, two or three times you fell off track. Your worth is in your strength & ability to KNOW that you are more than a setback or a fork in the road.

The only thing you can do after the fact is JUST DO IT. GET BACK ON TRACK. Don’t dwell on what made you fall. Don’t let it force you into a vicious cycle. Rise above it.

And guess what? You’ll probably fall off track again some day, but every time you fall, you’ll get stronger, wiser & better able to step back into the swing of things again.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: If you did it once, YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN. Have faith in yourself & in your abilities & life will follow suit. (& Yes, sometimes, EAT THE FREAKING DONUT, skip the workout, have the 2nd glass of wine & cut your study sesh short!).



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