Sweating For That Skin Glow, You? a.k.a. All The Benefits Of Exercise For Your Skin!

Sweating For That Skin Glow, You? a.k.a. All The Benefits Of Exercise For Your Skin!

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I ALWAYS rave about the benefits of exercise for physical & mental health, BUT what I talk about less is how beneficial exercise can actually be for your skin!


  • Exercise increases blood flow & boosts circulation. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body, including the skin, keeping them healthy, nourished & vital.
  • Blood flow also carries away waste & draws out toxins from skin, including the toxins that clog your pores!
  • Sweat helps propel the oils, toxins + dirt out of the pores & decongest skin. Contrary to popular belief, sweat doesn’t clog pores; it’s rather the skin’s way of detoxing naturally & one of the primary ways the body eliminates toxins. What clogs pores? Letting that sweat, dirt & bacteria sit on your face post sweat.
  • Exercise produces endorphins & reduces stress, which decreases cortisol & other acne-provoking hormones that occur naturally when under stress. Over production of cortisol also increases collagen breakdown & sebum production, hastening the aging process & potentially causing breakouts.
  • Aerobic exercise provides the body with oxygenated blood, which is the reason for that post-workout glow! The skin is filled with blood vessels that lie close to the surface & when we exercise, the vessels dilate, giving us that healthy natural glow.
  • Exercise also helps the body produce collagen, which is necessary for keeping skin young, strong, plump, firm + elastic.
  • Since exercise helps promote restful & better sleep, just like your body, your skin needs repair time & does it best when you sleep well!

PRO TIP: You can get all these benefits from working out as long as you take care of your skin post-workout! Always have blotting papers, face wipes & a good moisturizer or oil on you to lather on post-sweat to rehydrate the skin lost during sweating. If you don’t do this very necessary step after your sweat session, you run the risk of the oil, sweat, toxins released during exercise & makeup clogging your pores, thereby causing breakouts & negating all the amazing skin benefits!

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