KITK’s Top 5 Tips For Long-Term Digestive Health a.k.a. That G(ood)ut Feeling!

KITK’s Top 5 Tips For Long-Term Digestive Health a.k.a. That G(ood)ut Feeling!


We all get ‘em.

While temporary solutions, such as digestive enzymes, cayenne, turmeric & fennel seeds, work in the moment, long-term digestive health comes down to a healthy gut! Gut health is something I am truly passionate about & I have really come to know that without it, so many aspects of our health suffer.

Throughout recovery, I dealt with my fair share of digestive health issues & while I did use some more temporary short-term remedies to help (check out my full blog post here: My Tips & Tricks To Fight The Bloat!), I also learned (& I’m still learning) that digestive issues like bloating, constipation, nausea, indigestion, all find their root in an unhealthy & weakened gut lining. I’ve written an entire post all about gut health & the things you can do to help improve it, but these are my top 5 tips that I would recommend starting out with!

To see my whole post, click here: Everything You Need To Know To Heal Your Gut a.k.a. GO WITH YOUR GUT, ALWAYS.

1. ELIMINATE THE BAD & REPLACE IT WITH GOOD: Chemicals, artificial flavours, refined sugars & flours in processed packaged foods wreak havoc on the digestive system & gut lining. This is why it’s crucial to replace the packaged food with home-cooked (whenever possible) REAL FOOD that grew +/or lived! Always have a rainbow on your plate, load up on fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & anti-inflammatory food, herbs + spices!

2. PROBIOTICS: Take a daily probiotic supplement & incorporate fermented & probiotic-rich foods into your diet. There’s nothing more effective at healing the gut than feeding it with healthy bacteria & foods to help get rid of the bad bacteria weakening the intestinal membrane & allowing food particles to permeate it.

3. PRACTICE DAILY HABITS CONDUCIVE TO DIGESTIVE HEALTH: I’m talking… lemon water, apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera juice, fermented gut shots, getting enough sleep, time management, working out, walking, supplementation (beef gelatin/collagen/magnesium/L-glutamine/black cumin seed oil/zinc/krill oil). When done consistently, these habits contribute to balancing the body’s pH levels, promoting healthy digestion, liver health & detoxification & providing the body with antioxidants.

4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: The gut-mind connection is REAL. If you feel your mental health is at risk, TAKE CARE OF IT & seek help so you don’t reach a point where it affects the optimal functioning of your vital organs. Stress, depression & anxiety affect movement/contractions of the GI tract, worsen inflammation & make us susceptible to infection.

5. FIBRE: Load up on fibre! Psyllium husks, nuts, seeds, cruciferous veggies (cook them!), fruits & whole/sprouted grains, beans + legumes are where your fibre game is at! Healthy gut bacteria thrives on fermentable fibres & fibre is the part of food that isn’t digested in the small intestine. Dietary fibre moves unchanged into the large intestine/colon where it’s fermented by friendly bacteria that live there, promoting gut health.

I hope these tips wee helpful! Love you guys, xx!


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