One Of My Go-To Pre-Workout Snacks: Banana Halves, Almond Butter, Hemp Hearts & Ceylon Cinnamon… Read This To Know WHY!

One Of My Go-To Pre-Workout Snacks: Banana Halves, Almond Butter, Hemp Hearts & Ceylon Cinnamon… Read This To Know WHY!

Hey babes!

Wanna know what one of my fave pre-workout snacks is? Well, either way, I’m telling y’all, whether you like it or not! It’s super simple, made with just four wholesome ingredients & absolutely delish, energizing & satisfying!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/2 or a whole banana (I generally do 1/2 because I use 1/2 in the morning with breaky & I keep the other half for an afternoon snack. If I don’t end up having it in the afternoon, I’ll freeze it!)
  • almond buttah (about 1/2 tbsp.)
  • hemp hearts (I like the ones by Manitoba Harvest)
  • ceylon cinnamon

Eating a banana pre-workout is a great way to boost glycogen stores in the muscles + boost blood sugar levels because it’s a great source of natural sugar + simple carbs for fuel.

Bananas are also filled with potassium, which FYI, is only stored in the body for a limited amount of time. This is why it’s best to consume potassium-rich foods 30 minutes to an hour before a workout for them to actually have that lasting & energizin effect. Potassium helps optimize nerve + muscle function and provides the body with electrolytes necessary for a healthy heart + proper blood pressure levels.

Next time you reach for a sports drink, think twice. The sugar in the banana gets through your digestive system just as fast as the sports drink (as it contains similar sugars: glucose, fructose, sucrose), but it also contains vitamin C, fibre + stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain, which helps improve the body’s antioxidant capacity & combats damaging effects of free radicals. Exercise actually increases the production of free radicals because of elevated aerobic metabolism, so it’s important to counter that.

Eating carbs pre-workout also helps boost fat burn. In order to burn fat stores, the body needs to be in carb-burning zone. When the body uses carbs to fuel exercise, you burn more per minute than when carbs aren’t available. When the body lacks cabs, both physical + mental intensity drops, which means you won’t push as hard.

Almond butter + hemp seeds add some healthy fats & protein to keep you full and cinnamon adds natural sweetness & helps fight potential inflammation in the muscles post sweat sesh.

I hope this gives you guys a yummy snack idea! Let me know if you have any other fave pre or post-workout snack ideas in the comments below! I always love new ideas, xx


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