Why I Love Spinning & All Its Fitness Benefits!

Why I Love Spinning & All Its Fitness Benefits!

If you guys know me, you know that I’m happiest (or well, pretty damn happy) on a spin bike!

Spinning is one of my fave workouts & one of the main ways I cope with my anxiety; when I get on the bike, I disconnect from everything going on in my life & the thoughts racing through my mind & I connect with my body on a different level. I’m able to let loose & focus on building my mental strength, self-discipline & control.

Spinning has many other fitness benefits, such as:

  • High-intensity cardio done at metabolic intervals (climbs at high resistance, sprints at lower resistance) is an effective & efficient way to burn calories & fat. It works the glutes + quads, some of the largest muscles in the body, which leads to a greater caloric burn.
  • It boosts energy & releases endorphins. I come to a spin class tired & I leave alive, LITERALLY.
  • It improves circulation, lung capacity, digestive health + sleep patterns.
  • Maintaining proper posture strengthens the core + back; upper body rhythm helps keep leg rhythm in check & the body controlled. The use of weights & resistance bands also targets other muscle groups (arms & shoulders), while you’re still pedalling!
  • It improves body composition & decreases fat mass. Sprinting boosts fat burn & climbs with higher tension builds muscle tone.
  • It helps relieve stress & boosts cardio endurance.
  • It’s a low impact exercise & doesn’t put pressure on knees & joints.
  • You control your workout by adjusting the resistance + moderating pace & intensity of your ride.
  • Every class is different, which makes it challenging. I spin a few times a week & I never get bored because of the variety!
  • Spin legs? Sure, if you ride with high torque for hours on end. But, with interval training, you actually define & lean out your legs!
  • THERE’S NOTHING THAT GIVES ME MORE ENERGY, ADRENALINE & MORE OF A HIGH THAN THAT POST-RIDE FEELING. Mindie always uses the same last song & every time we hear it, we know to give it our all. It’s powerful, uplifting, mood-boosting & creates a good rush!

Don’t be afraid of the bike! I know, it’s hard to know what to expect but spinning is for everyone! Once you spin, you never go back!


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