Why The “PRO” In PRObiotics Is REAL & Why You Need To Stop PROcrastinating & Get Some Stat!

Why The “PRO” In PRObiotics Is REAL & Why You Need To Stop PROcrastinating & Get Some Stat!

I can’t say it enough – Your gut is the gateway to your external & internal health & well-being. In fact, 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. The digestive system is ALSO the second largest part of the neurological system & has been termed the “second brain“.

With an unhealthy gut, the body struggles to digest food properly, immune system declines, the body feels sluggish & inflamed, energy levels plummet & the signs begin to show in skin, hair, nails, muscles, joints & bones. Many common issues & illnesses, such as: thyroid imbalance, chronic fatigue, irregular chronic boating, gas, digestive health issues, joint brain, psoriasis, eczema, candida, cystic acne, rosacea, depression, start in the gut!

There are SO MANY things you can do to improve your gut health (Read my blog post to know more here: Everything You Need To Know To Heal Your Gut a.k.a. GO WITH YOUR GUT, ALWAYS.), but sometimes, it can be overwhelming to incorporate a million different things at once. The one thing I always say is crucial to start out with is a daily probiotic supplement.

Probiotics are bacteria that line our digestive tract & support the body’s ability o absorb nutrients & fight infection. We are born with them, BUT, if we don’t have enough healthy good bacteria or if the bad bacteria in the gut outnumbers the good, it starts to show in all areas of the body. Probiotics replenish the gut lining with good, healthy bacteria & get rid of the bad bacteria & in doing so, they help strengthen the & seal the intestinal membrane (otherwise termed as the ‘gut lining”) to prevent leaky gut syndrome (which is basically the condition characterized by a weakened intestinal lining, often accompanied by tears & holes, through which food particles, toxins & bad bacteria is able to penetrate & cause damage to the digestive system & ergo, prevent the vital organs from functioning optimally).

Taking a daily probiotic is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re consistently taking care of your gut & helping replenish the good healthy bacteria that it needs in order to maintain your overall health.

The amount of processed, packaged & refined foods we eat, the toxins + free radicals in the environment & the amount of stress + lack of sleep we experience in our day to day lives inevitably lead to the growth of bad bacteria in the gut.

Bad bacteria causes inflammation in the body & affects all our organs, from the brain, to skin, immune, digestive, reproductive & respiratory systems & the only way to get rid of it is to play an ACTIVE ROLE & take matters into your own hands. The bad bacteria won’t magically disappear & as it accumulates, we become more & more at risk for gut health issues, like Candida & leaky gut syndrome.

Now’s the time to be your own health advocate & to do something good for your body & mind. Taking a probiotic requires very minimal effort & leads to maximal results.

I take my Nova Probiotics every morning with breakfast & the rest of my supplements to make sure I never forget & to ensure proper absorption.

Taking charge of your health doesn’t have to be scary, anxiety-provoking or overwhelming so long as you take it one step at a time & gain an understanding as to WHY you’re incorporating certain changes. When you understand, you’re more inclined to be consistent & more aware of your body & able to track results & progress. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow. Be active. Do it TODAY.

Some of the main benefits probiotics provide are:

  1. A healthier micro-biome overall (BTW, did you guys know that like our gut, our skin also has a microbiome?).
  2. Balanced immune function & a stronger immune system that’s better able to fight off invading particles, oxidative stress, free radicals & disease-causing bacteria.
  3. Enhanced nutrient absorption from the food we eat.
  4. Improved mood & mental stability.
  5. Healthy weight maintenance (Having a healthy balance of microflora in the gut helps speed up metabolism & may even boost weight loss)
  6. Reduced inflammation in the body
  7. Reduced upper respiratory tract infections & reduced allergy symptoms
  8. Relief of stress, anxiety & symptoms of depression
  9. Reduced cholesterol levels
  10. Lowered risk of yeast infections.
  11. Reduced fatigue & boosted energy levels. Fatigue is often a sign of poor digestion, which may occur as a result of an unhealthy gut.
  12. Balanced blood sugar levels.
  13. Improved appearance of the skin. Skin is an important reflection of internal health & skin problems can result from nutritional & hormonal imbalances, as well as immune system disruptions, all of which are issues that start in the gut.


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