Why No Experience Is Inherently Good Or Bad.

Why No Experience Is Inherently Good Or Bad.

Today, I encourage you to take a look back at your life, at any given point in time, a day, week, month or year ago & pinpoint just one thing that changed for the better. I bet this is something you rarely do.

As human beings, we have an innate tendency to look back & to nitpick every little thing that changed for the worse, whether it be our relationships, body, work, friendships & health. We look back & we can’t help but wish that things were the same. But so much changes in such short amounts of time, even in a split second. 

AND GUESS WHAT? Some things change for the better.

Why can’t we instead focus on something that changed for the better or at least try to find some good in the bad? Because we live in a world where we’re taught that it’s easier to see bad than to acknowledge good. The good doesn’t have to be the most revolutionary change ever; the bad doesn’t have to be the most traumatic experience of your life.

For a second, let go of labelling situations as good or bad & instead, question how that moment or event helped you grow & learn.

▪️Did you meet someone new & learn something about yourself you didn’t know?
▪️Did you lose a friend but realize that person only brought negativity to your life or that you weren’t as considerate as you thought?
▪️Did you land your dream job after one too many attempts at figuring out what you were passionate about?
▪️Did you end a relationship only to realize you should’ve done it a long time ago?
▪️Did you go on that date with the person from that dating app & click instantly?
▪️Did you take a risk only to find out it was the best thing you ever did?

No experience is inherently good or bad.

Every experience is what you make it & what you take from it.

Be open-minded & for once, stop to think that things could ALWAYS be better or worse.

Be grateful for what you have in this moment & shift your mindset.

Instead of labelling your experiences, learn from them.

Instead of crying over them, be grateful they happened.

And when they taught you something, hold on to it.

There’s a reason for it.


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