Why Your Struggles & Accomplishments Are More About Perspective Than You Think.

Why Your Struggles & Accomplishments Are More About Perspective Than You Think.

Sometimes, when I sit back & reflect on where I was just one short year ago, I surprise myself.

I’m no where near perfect. I’m still recovering & yes, I’m still struggling. But last year around this time, I was struggling EVEN MORE.

Life is all about perspective. Let me tell you why.

Last year, at this time, I was three months into recovery. I remember so vividly that day in April, when I got rid of my scale & that day in June, where my doctor told me I hit 100 pounds. Those days mark two of the biggest accomplishments on my recovery journey, but also two of the hardest days of my life. I said goodbye to an electronic device that gave me hope, security & comfort, but also misery, despair & hate. I began to cope with the idea that recovery meant weight gain, but I also realized my commitment to healing was paying off.

At the time, I didn’t really know that things could get even better, that I could accomplish even more & that I could eventually live an even more normal life. That’s the thing about perspective: in the moment, the accomplishments, struggles & challenges you’re faced with are the only ones you know. You can never really know how much better or worse things can be. It’s scary, but it’s also beautiful.

A year ago today, tell me I’d be in Punta Cana on a fitness retreat with 15 amazing women who have not only become my workout crew, but are also like family & I’d probably tell you you were crazy. Back then, just leaving my house to go to a family dinner was a milestone, let alone the idea of being part of a group of women travelling hours away from home, without my scale. I know, it sounds simple to the average person who never dealt with an ED. But it’s not.

It’s important to live in the moment but even more important to not let moments define you wholly & to know that there’s ALWAYS a way up from where you are & always something better, brighter, healthier & happier.

Look forward, not back. The strive for something better should never take away from the NOW but should always be your motivation to keep at it, to keep fighting, to keep working on yourself & to keep walking tall with your head up high.

Your perspective has the power to make or break you. Use it wisely. 


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