Why Ending My Pity Party Was The Stepping Stone To My Personal Growth.

Why Ending My Pity Party Was The Stepping Stone To My Personal Growth.

As cliché as it sounds, I really do believe that our battles are handed to us because we were built to handle them & come out victorious.

I spent a huge part of my life feeling sorry for myself for my struggles & because I felt that way, I let myself sink deeper into my misery.

I belittled myself for losing control over my mom’s health & potential to get better, my eating disorder, my anxiety & my divorce to the point where I resented my own self & felt worthless.

I woke up everyday knowing I’d be in pain & settled for that because it’s all I knew.

Trust me, I know; when you’re hurting, the hardest thing in the world is to believe that things get better. But they do. I promise.

I only really realized that when, instead of feeling bad for myself, I began to accept my realities & welcome every challenge & obstacle thrown my way with open arms.

I know, it sounds counterintuitive. But, the shift from making myself feel small, weak & vulnerable to making myself feel big, strong & capable was the stepping stone to my personal growth.

When I finally ended my pity party, I learned to treat everything I’d been through as a gift & I began to actively make decisions to learn from those situations, to take control of my life & to change it.

The power to change your life is in YOUR hands.

You can view any & every situation as an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. YOU CHOOSE. Take it from me, I’ve made both choices & the only one that made me truly happy was the one that screams OPPORTUNITY.

My divorce happened.

My eating disorder almost killed me.

I have anxiety.

I lost my mom & best friend in the entire world.

But all those struggles, the battles I fought with myself & with my mind were necessary steps in my personal growth.

My journey isn’t over. Life will throw hundreds more challenges & rollercoasters my way. But things have a way of working out, even if not instantaneously & I know that every obstacle I’m faced with has its reason. I just might not know it yet.

Today, I’m hopeful & I have the mental strength to hold onto that reason, even if I have to wait a while for it to materialize.




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