How I Found My Purpose By Rebuilding Myself On The Inside.

How I Found My Purpose By Rebuilding Myself On The Inside.

I got inspired by one of my trainers to share something that I see so much truth in.

We’re all trying to find our purpose & place in life, whether it be in our profession, relationship or lifestyle habits.

Often, we look for things outside of ourselves to fill the void we feel or to find ourselves when we feel lost.

Truth is, there isn’t ANYTHING outside that can ever fill that.

Everything we need is on the inside.

There’s so much pressure to look, act & be a certain way in society. The pressure is so intense that even those who seem “perfect” & look like they have it all together find faults in themselves.

This is why, as cliché as it sounds, true happiness isn’t found in what we feel we don’t have but rather in what we do. It’s easy to look at someone else & to wish we had the same hair, body, eyes, career or relationship. It’s a lot harder to take a look at OUR lives & what we have & be grateful for it.

I spent 2 years of my life at war with my body, letting a demon invade my mind & lure me into malnourishing my body until it almost gave up on me.

I spent 2 years doing that because I thought food was the ONLY WAY I could feel in control after having lost control over many aspects of my life.

Truth is, the control over food was the subconscious vehicle I used to further repress my pain, until I realized that the control wasn’t filling any void or helping me find myself but rather, it was killing me.

That was my turning point & the moment at which I realized that the only way I could really gain control of my mind & body was in working on rebuilding myself, finding happiness in things that had NOTHING to do with my withering appearance & developing my mental & physical strength.

It’s only once I committed to facing those challenges that I was truly able to find happiness in the things I had as opposed to striving for impossible & unrealistic things that were more detrimental to me than I ever knew.

Today, I want you to take a look at your life & remind yourself of just ONE thing you’re grateful for, instead of focusing on all the things you wish you had.


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