Opening Up About My Anxiety & Why Some Weeks Are Harder Than Others.

Opening Up About My Anxiety & Why Some Weeks Are Harder Than Others.

If you suffer from anxiety too, you know it comes in highs & lows.

Sometimes, days & weeks go by & I hardly even feel it’s there.

Other days or weeks, it really hits me.

Overtime, I learned that when it hits, there’s nothing I can do about it but DEAL WITH IT in the moment, even if there’s nothing I want more than for it to just magically go away.

I won’t lie or sugarcoat it. This week has been one of the harder ones.

There were moments I felt so anxious that I began to think the only thing I could find comfort in was being alone & resorting back to eating disorder.

But, the reason I was able to work through it is because I know that those thoughts are JUST THOUGHTS. They’re invisible, imagined & made up. They don’t exist.

My anxiety is real but I have control over the thoughts that fuel it.

I also know that if I let the mere fact that my anxiety is THERE weigh me down, I hand the power & control over my daily activities & life to something I’ve worked so hard to learn to accept & live with.

So my answer when it hits me is NO.

This week has been all about self-reflection & mind work & served as a reality check to show me that no matter how far along I am on my journey, no matter how accomplished I feel & no matter how far I’ve come, there will always be harder days or weeks & a setback or challenge that hits me when I least expect it.

This is a part of life that just 1 year ago, I would’ve never been able to accept because it meant I wasn’t perfect.

Today, the difference between these moments hitting me now & 3, 6 or 9 months ago or even a year ago, is that I’M STRONGER & I learned to be wiser than my negative thoughts & the behaviours, habits or rituals they trigger.

My message to you today is that WHATEVER JOURNEY YOU’RE ON, don’t let a setback, challenge or fork in the road bring you down or take away from the value of your progress thus far.

Those pitfalls need to happen to bring us all back down to earth & show us that life isn’t always going to be sunshine & rainbows.

What matters is that we learn how to cope with the tougher times so overtime, they lose their ability to bring us down.

Your anxiety doesn’t have to take over your life if you chose not to let it.

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