Why My Journey Towards Living A Healthier Lifestyle Is Endless & What Made Me Fall In Love With The Process!

Why My Journey Towards Living A Healthier Lifestyle Is Endless & What Made Me Fall In Love With The Process!

I firmly believe that the quest to living a healthier lifestyle has no end.

It’s a constant uphill journey where the possibilities to learn & educate myself are endless & where the opportunity to apply what I learn to my everyday life is not only a gift but also all about trial & error.

It’s one thing to read good things about a supplement or food, but it’s another to assess how GOOD it is for YOU.

I always say that the only way to know if a change in habit or lifestyle, supplement, food or workout will work for you is to TRY it for yourself. It’s not because it worked for someone else that your body will react the same way, which is why it’s important to be your own health advocate & take your health & the way you treat & nourish your body into your own hands. Easier said than done, I know.

But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. It just means you have to be willing to put in hard work, dedication & effort.

Some of the things that helped make my journey enjoyable & allowed me to develop a passion for pursuing a healthy lifestyle are:

  • the knowledge that there’s ALWAYS room to experience & learn more, no matter how educated I think I already am.
  • the ability to keep an open mind & try new things.
  • the knowledge of how horrible life was on the opposite end of the spectrum (the rock bottom of my ED) & doing everything in my power to never go back to a place where my health was so jeopardized it almost killed me.
  • the opportunity to share everything I experience & learn with you in hopes that it also helps or inspires you to live your best & healthiest life.
  • the knowledge that not everyday will be perfect & seamless & that it’s not supposed to be because that’s how I grow & develop mental & physical strength.
  • the acceptance that some days won’t always go as planned & that doesn’t make me inadequate, a failure or unsuccessful.
  • my love for reading, writing & research & my passion for putting what I learn into words.
  • my belief that my mental health is just as important than my physical health & that holistic health & nutrition is the best way to cultivate a lifestyle.


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