Why Beef Liver Is Life-Changing As A Natural Pre-Workout (& In General) & Why You Need It Too!

Why Beef Liver Is Life-Changing As A Natural Pre-Workout (& In General) & Why You Need It Too!

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Before you ask (& I totally understand your doubts because of how obsessed I am with this product), this is NOT a sponsored post. It’s just me telling you about my current fave ALL NATURAL supplement that changed my pre-workout energy levels & post-workout recovery: BEEF LIVER.

I started using it 2 months ago & I can’t go a day without it. It has many health benefits, that we’ll discuss a little later in this post, but first, let’s discuss the exercise-related ones.

I take it every morning with my breakfast with the rest of my supplements (& before my workouts) & my energy levels are sustained throughout the day (even for my night workouts!). I also get way less muscle soreness & I feel a lot more eager for my workouts because I walk into them feeling like I can crush them! Safe to say, BEEF LIVER IS LIFE-CHANGING!!!

Beef liver is a powerful superfood & packs more vitamins & minerals calorie per calorie than spinach, carrots or apples!! Crazy, right?

From a fitness point of view:

  • Beef liver is full of B12 (4 capsules provide you with 230% of your RDV of B12): Its high vitamin B12 content makes it great for preventing muscle weakness, fatigue, brain fog, mood changes & naturally boosts metabolism & energy levels.
  • Beef liver is also full of ACTIVE vitamin A (4 capsules provide you with 70% of your RDV of vitamin A). It’s necessary to note that the vitamin A in beef liver is in its most active form (retinol). This type of vitamin A only comes from animal-derived foods & does not need to be first converted like plant-based vitamin A (carotenoids), meaning that it’s ready to be used directly by the body. Vitamin A helps reduce inflammation by fighting free radical damage, helps with muscle recovery & builds strong bones.
  • Beef liver is full of iron, zinc, folate, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, choline & hyaluronic acid, which hydrate the body & muscles, boost energy & prevent energy slumps, ensure proper oxygen transportation in the body, boost cellular function & creation, promote collagen synthesis & muscle recovery & increase immunity.
  • Beef liver provides all 9 essential amino-acids (a.k.a. the ones the body cannot produce on its own). Amino acids are the building blocks of protein & help promote cell repair & renewal, as well as increase muscle strength & growth.
  • Due to its amino-acid content, beef liver is also a source of complete protein. This means it helps maintain muscle mass, promotes tissue repair (which is super important if you work out often), recovery from exercise, controls appetite & produces & regulates healthy hormone levels.
  • Beef liver is a rich source of CoEnzyme Q10, found in the cell’s mitochondria (or powerhouse). It helps produce energy, decrease effects of free radical damage & stress caused to muscles during exercise, enhance endurance & reduce inflammation. CoQ10 decreases with age, so beef liver is a great way to keep levels up.
  • Beef liver is also a rich source of selenium: Selenium, a natural antioxidant, prevents cellular damage done to muscles by free radicals.

New to working out? Try it!
Been in it for a while & want to try something new? Try it!

Now that we’ve got the fitness aspect of things covered & because I know not everyone is looking for a natural pre-workout supplement or a pre-workout supplement in general, let’s talk about some of the other health benefits of beef liver!

  • As I mentioned earlier, beef liver is loaded with B12 (which is actually a vitamin that SO MANY PEOPLE are lacking due to dietary restrictions, whether it be because they are vegan, vegetarian or simply don’t eat enough red meat or fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel) & this doesn’t only mean it provides benefits fitness-wise. B12 is crucial for red blood cell formation & improves cellular function. It also plays a role in maintaining a healthy nervous system & supporting metabolism & brain health. A B12 deficiency can lead to a host of health issues, such as fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog & mood changes.
  • Beef liver is also a source of active vitamin A, which is an antioxidant & helps reduce inflammation & oxidative damage, not only in the muscles, but in the entire body! Due to its antioxidant capacity, it helps fight free radical damage, disease, illness, invading particles, infection & bacteria. Vitamin A is actually RETINOL, which means that it’s also amazing for eye, skin & thyroid health. As you guys know, I use retinol every 2nd night on my skin (my go-to is the Luna by Sunday Riley).Retinol is highly effective when it comes to skin cell renewal, turnover & replenishment, fighting the signs of aging, such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, redness or hyper-pigmentation.
  • Beef liver is very high in iron, which makes it effective at helping prevent iron-deficiency anemia. Not only is it high in iron, but the combination of iron with the folate & vitamin B12 makes it a great way to overcome anemia naturally & prevent or treat symptoms, such as low energy levels, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles or neurological issues.
  • Beef liver is also high in B6, biotin & folate, which help the body with methylation (associated with cell division & the formation of DNA), as well as cellular function.
  • Beef liver is a great supplement for pregnancy as it provides protein, B12, iron, folate & other key nutrients for reproductive health & fetal development. Pregnant or nursing women need EVEN MORE B12 than normal to help with the growth & development of babies, including organs & the brain. Folate also helps prevent birth defects, especially in the brain & spinal cord. Pregnant women are also at high risk for iron deficiency due to the increase in iron demand, making iron-rich foods & supplements essential since it plays a vital role in the transfer of oxygen to tissues (including the placenta).
    • DISCLAIMER: I don’t have experience with pregnancy so if you are pregnant/thinking of getting pregnant, please speak to your doctor before taking any supplement I or anyone recommends!
  • Beef liver is high in protein. I don’t think I need to tell you that protein is an essential macronutrient & helps with tons of functions & organs in the body, including, maintenance of muscle mass, building muscle strength, endurance, energy levels, tissue repair, recovery from exercise, development during childhood, controlling appetite, forming skin & hair & maintaining elasticity & firmness & producing hormones.
  • Beef liver also supports liver function & detoxifies. The liver is literally the body’s filter & all toxins in the body must pass through it in order to be cleaned out. Toxins are cleaned by the liver, but are not stored in the liver. The liver filters waste & toxins from the blood so they can be removed by the body through bile, BUT… THE LIVER NEEDS ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS IN ORDER TO FUNCTION OPTIMALLY. The liver is also responsible for metabolizing drugs, hormones & medications & making protein necessary for blood clotting. The B vitamins in beef liver (especially folate), help with cellular function & support detox pathways int he body. BASICALLY, IF YOU CONSUME LIVER, YOU HELP YOUR OWN LIVER FUNCTION BETTER because it provides your body & liver with the nutrients it needs to eliminate waste.
  • Beef liver is also an amazing source of CoEnzyme Q10, something our bodies naturally produce, but that, like collagen, declines with age. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps fight oxidative stress & damage & produce energy. It’s also good for heart health, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels & fertility, enhancing endurance, & reducing inflammation. Animals’ organs contain the greatest supply of CoQ10!
  • Beef liver’s antioxidant content & anti-inflammatory effects also make it great for fighting off invading particles, bacteria, infection & even disease, such as cancer, as well as a great way to ease certain symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 
  • Beef liver basically acts like a multi-vitamin & almost like a B complex vitamin, in that it helps with anemia, low energy levels, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, poor cell function & even cancer.


Now that we’ve got all the benefits down-packed, let’s talk about how to buy the right beef liver supplement. I’ve only tried one brand & it’s one that I will continue to purchase because I stand by all their products: Vital Proteins. If you wish to purchase theirs, you can use my affiliate link, which you can find on the homepage of my blog or purchase directly from their website.

When looking for a beef liver supplement, here are some things to look out for:

  • Make sure your supplement comes from pasture-raised & grass-fed beef.
  • Make sure it contains no fillers, preservatives or additives.
  • Make sure it’s hormone, pesticide & GMO-free.
  • Make sure it’s allergen free!




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