The Difference Between Thoughts & Actions & Why You Need To Understand It To Achieve Full Recovery.

The Difference Between Thoughts & Actions & Why You Need To Understand It To Achieve Full Recovery.

There’s a difference between thoughts & actions.

Thoughts are ideas or opinions produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. They can be real or unreal, depending on what you make of them & how you choose to react to them. Their truth or their falsity depends on YOU.

Eating disorders, the behaviours & obsessions surrounding them are the by-product of thoughts.

The difference between someone who suffers from an eating disorder & someone who doesn’t is that ED victims lose the ability to control the way they respond or react to thoughts. We hear thoughts & our ED immediately makes us believe they’re real & forces us to respond to them.

Sometimes, our responses are irrational or illogical.

Other times, we know they’re harmful to our well-being, but we can’t help it.

A big part of recovery is about finding ways to regain control of our thoughts & respond to them in ways conducive to improving our well-being. And I won’t lie, it’s FREAKING HARD.

There were days in recovery I woke up overthinking, where the only thoughts running through my head were: “I’m gaining weight too quickly”, “I’m going to become overweight”, “I should probably restrict today”, “I feel like a whale”, “I need my scale for security” or “I’m being unfaithful to my eating disorder”.

Those days were the hardest because I had to fight headstrong with my ED & ACTIVELY CHOOSE not to respond to them.

I had to CHOOSE not to let those thoughts impede or hinder the progress I had made.

I had to CHOOSE not to believe the falsities my ED was fuelling me with.

I had to FIGHT with ED to see the irrationality of the thoughts & refrain from acting in irrational ways in response to them.

And you know what?

Truth is, I’m still fighting until today.

Recovery isn’t linear. It has no finish line. It’s a constant battle, but I promise, IT GETS EASIER.

The thoughts still surface but I know how to fight them.

Most days, I’m able to push myself to be rational.

Some days, I’m not.

Like all things in life, recovery is a rollercoaster.

But one thing I know for certain is I’ve overcome my fear & hopped on & there’s no way I’m getting off.


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